Monthly Archives: October 2004

Yes, I did go to the ball!!

The Masquerade Ball was wonderful…..everyone had such a great time and looked so nice! It was really cool to see everyone from work (well, almost everyone :-p) in dressy clothes when we’re not going to a funeral….the band they had was great, the food was good and everyone just had an awesome time……I will definitely be going again next year 😉
I didn’t really get a chance to take many pictures at the ball….and the ones I did get, I’m not sure they came out all that great but I have to wait to get them on my computer. It was just too dim in there to not use the flash and using the flash lit up too much of the foreground and…just….blah….but as soon as I get them on here, I’ll get a good look at them.
I wasn’t getting very good resolution on my phone cam inside, but it’ll at least give you an idea until I get the rest together….

Yes, I did wind up with the mask on my head because it started irritatin’ the crap outta me, especially when we were all up dancing……the dress looked great and I found a light pink stole to wear with it….that saved me buying a new pair of shoes because I just wore the pink and black heels I bought for the Queen show… the last minute when I was out picking up the last of my accessories, I decided to get a pair of stocking that I will actually wear again…..pantyhose do me no good, I buy them, wear them once and then forget about them, lose them in the wash or just throw them away……so I got these instead 🙂
The whole thing kicked ass…..and now I need to figure out something else I can wear this outfit to……

Paper faces on parade…

I know I haven’t been around muh this week….I’m really pre-occupied with this Masquerade Ball tonight….I kinda wish someone was going that isn’t going….and now I have nails that are making it a little difficut for me to type.
I’m running out the door now to get weighed in since I couldn’t go Thursday and then I have to go running around to find something to use as a stole, a new bra, a necklace and maybe a new pair of shoes…..I haven’t decided if I need new ones yet.
Busy day……..


I got dressed up for work today….I wore my shirt with the fishnet sleeves, extra spiky, punky bracelets on my wrists, high heeled boots with buckles up the sides and a spiked collar that I just don’t think is appropriate to wear to work on a normal basis. I had blood running down the side of my face and out from under the spiked collar and my hair was sprayed pink.
Nobody noticed :-

Well, they noticed the blood. They thought I really dyed my hair pink and dismissed it. I mean, yeah, with the exception of those two things, the whole get-up was pretty close to normal outside work wear for me….but…..fuck…..I’ll go in like that all the time now – lol 🙂

Witchypoo :-)

Brittany had her Halloween party in school today 🙂

Kid’s already got half a shopping bag full of candy – aaaarrgghhh!!

Picture this….

Heather did this and I thought it looked like fun, so I’m gonna give it a shot here 🙂
Leave a comment here of three things you’d like me to take pictures of….anything, really……stuff from work or around the house, the city, where I grew up, etc…..whatever. I’ll take the pictures and post them here.
C’mon, I need something to do – lol 🙂

Need sleep….

Has anyone seen Renee lately? I caught her on the end of Oprah today….I think I like it.
Can you tell I’m up way too late?


You know that this would never in a million years happen to me at a real poker table…..

Fuckin’ A…..
Of course, even though the other “player” thought it had a goddamn full house, I couldn’t get it to be very high……yet when it thinks it has a pair and I have 3 of a kind, I can get the damn pot up to $3500….nothing odd there.

Just wondering…..

Have I mentioned that I love Dusty Springfield? I’m just sitting here listening to the oldies station on LaunchCast and one of her songs came on. Even though this particular song has a tendency to make me nuts…..

    You gotta
    Show him that you care just for him
    Do the things he likes to do
    Wear your hair just for him, ’cause
    You won’t get him
    Thinkin’ and a-prayin’
    Wishin’ and a-hopin’

I still like it….go fig :-p
Having said that, this radio just makes me entirely too happy…….


I’m getting excited – the other day I ordered my dress for the masquerade ball. Tracking shows that it will be here on the 26th – whoo-hoo! I’m really looking forward to this 😉

Bussin’ it….

Well, if you read the journal you know I’m hanging out on SEPTA these days…..oh, the joy :-
Good news of the day….sometime around the middle of November, we’ll all be getting our new phones. There is about six people on this plan so we wind up with a really good deal – I’m excited 🙂