I’m up waaaaaaaay too early :-p
It was after 11 by the time I got to sleep but I woke up about a half hour ago and I’ve just been laying there since……figured, I’d get up and kill some time at the computer.
I hate this though…..when I have extra time in the morning, I always leave the house with an incredibly strong sense that I forgot to do something. I guess I just get in such a habit of doing everything in a certain bit of time that when I get to stretch it out, it throws me off.
Ah well…..maybe I’ll go around to Wawa and get a coffee before I head off to work. Yeah, under normal circumstances I could just go to the one across the street from work but the place has become a total dive since the one manager left about a month ago…..the cappucino machines don’t work 4.5 out of 5 days and they never put a sign on them that they are out of order – the other day I went in for a coffee and I mix half Caramel coffee with half Mocha Alert Cappucino which they have in both machines, the big one and the little one. I got the coffee and went to put the cappucino in at the big machine…..all I got a was a big gob of powder. So I went over to the little machine……which was only putting out water. I brought the cup over to the register, sat it there and walked out without a word.
The salad/fruit/veggie thing has had a sign on it for two days not to take anything from it because it’s all no good….but no one has bothered to clean it out. The freezer section hasn’t been cold in more than two weeks. They have no bags for people to put donuts and bagels into. And the other day, they had a spill or leak or death or something near the soda fountain that no one bothered to clean up and it was walked all over the entire store… was like walking on velcro :-p
We have complained to the current manager till we’re blue in the face but I don’t think he’ll be happy until someone gets sick from eating their food or something.
It’s time to go corporate.
I should have just stayed in bed…….


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