“Bones” the cat….

I was going to make this the picture of the day…..sort of to illustrate just how tired I am of construction everwhere I turn…..

That’s the hole behind the hospital…..they’ve been digging that hole since January. It’s not the only bit of construction that’s driving me insane, but it’s one that I can monitor regularly.
But, I actually wound up with much more interesting pictures due to some construction today…..
**Don’t open this if you are squeemish or ultra-sensitive or anything like that.***

They’ve been tearing up some of the old labs on the second floor and redoing everything…..when I say, tearing up, I mean it…for real. This construction has also been going on for quite a while and has proved to be a major inconvenience on more than one occasion when going to get the mail but otherwise it’s not much concern to me.
Today, however….they found something interesting and it wound up in our lab.
Meet “Bones”……

Yes, that is a very dead cat on my desk……..
I actually feel a little bad for poor old Bones…..the construction workers tore out a wall and found the poor guy holed up in there. He has been in there a very, VERY, VERY looooooooong time…..early estimates are putting it at about 40 years, which would also be roughly about the time that this particular area of the hospital was remodeled last.
All we can figure is that he got stuck in the wall somehow, all those yeears ago…..and no one ever heard the cat behind the wall…..or smelled anything once he finally died – wtf is up with that?
Anyway……sad as it may be, Bones at least makes an interesting additon to our lab………


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  1. that’s so sad!

  2. Poor kitty. Can’t say it doesn’t fascinate me, though.

  3. Yeah, everyone is pretty much of the opinion that “those weirdos in pathology” are the only ones that would find it interesting……guess that’s how we wound up with him in the first place.
    We’re not about to argue – he’s the new lab mascot

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