It’s official…

Yup, I’m officially sick….I had the humidifier running last night but when I got up this morning, I still felt just as crappy as I did yesterday. And it didn’t help that my eyes were still so freakin’ dry I couldn’t put my contacts in :-p
So I called out sick today….and I did it way early…I called A. at like 6:15 so that if anybody else (you know who I mean) tried to call out they’d be out of luck – ha!
And I’ve decided that I’m giving up on pM completely…..I’m tired of having to log-in to two different systems whenever I want to do anything. So the journal is running on MT – ha! get it? “Running on Empty”….ah, whaddaya know from funny anway… yeah, we’re back on MT and you need the super duper secret login to get into it. 😉
I spent a good part of the morning transferring entries back from pM – I hate that I can’t export! – so now everything is up to date and there is even a spiffy yet simple design….because I got tired of the one I had up not working in Firefox….
Yes, I did get a Mocha Alert Cappucino when I went out to take Brittany to school this morning – thank you for asking! Matter of fact, I used that to take my cold med….I fully expect to crash in T minus 37 seconds……36…..35….


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