Raiding the toy bin….

I did a little christmas shopping yesterday and I found myself sitting here wanting to get the stuff out for Brittany now. Yeah, I know better but…..more than anything, I want to get out the Guess Who? game so we can play it – lol 🙂
Of course I won’t….but just to avoid the temptation, though, I put everything I bought over at the other house so I would actually have to go and get it and hopefull think better before I do.
I’m trying to keep my mind off it….we’re going to start going through her toys to see what we can give away before Christmas. I told my mom that I’m going to be doing this and she told me to keep my cousins in mind because “they have kids and no money”…..ummmm, hello? I don’t have any money either but I know that I can’t go out boozin’ two nights a week and still buy things for Christmas,,,,not that I ever go boozin’ anyway, but who the hell is gonna give me stuff for my kid?
I’d rather take the stuff down to CHOP or at least to the Salvation Army to help someone that really needs it….I did call CHOP to see if they accept gifts of this nature, but I need to speak to their Child Life department about it and they aren’t in until tomorrow. If not, the Salvation Army is only a few blocks from here……
Ya know, it bugs the hell out of me when I see toys in the trash….and I suppose people around here have been doing the same thing, going through and making room for whatever Santa brings this year, but to throw the stuff out in the trash? You know there is always somebody that can use it. And we’ve got people that ride around here the night before trash day and pick all that shit up and you know they are just cleaning it up a bit and selling it at the flea market.
I just can’t put it out in the trash, I have never thrown an old toy of Brittany’s away. I’ve taken things to the Salvation Army, the Humane Society stores in Allentown and Frackville and I’ve given things to Brittany’s school for their flea markets to benefit the school.
Okay, so you get the idea….
I’m gonna get started.


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