Well, it has been a loooong time since I tried a weekly meme….and sometimes I miss it. Every once in a while I see one that looks cute but when I go back through the archived questions, I lose interest. I like this one though….it’s a few days late but since I’m home sick today, I figured I’d do it anyway….
1) Do you have one tradition that means the most to you when it comes to celebrating Christmas? I don’t think they are so much traditions as just the way things are. We decorate the tree on Christmas Eve. Once that’s done, Brittany and I bake cookies for Santa….I think Santa is in the mood for peanut butter cookies this year. We open all the presents on Christmas morning….every once in a while, I’m tempted to let Brittany open something on Christmas Eve but unless I get her something for Christmas like a nightgown or a special ornament or something. And breakfast is always scrapple and eggs….I take mine sunny-side up and Brittany has cheesy scrambled eggs.
2) Since I’m on a movie kick today – – do you have a favorite holiday movie? Oh, boy….I do get a kick out of A Christmas Story, but they show it so damn much every year, that by the time Christmas is over, I never want to see it again. I love the old Miracle on 34th Street, The Miracle of the Bells and while I can watch Meet Me in St. Louis anytime of year, really, I always enjoy it more around the holidays. The last one that springs to mind isn’t really a Christmas movie, but whenever I think of Christmas movies, I have to watch it…..While You Were Sleeping. Yeah, there’s probably some deep hidden meaning there, but I’m not gonna get into that right now…..
3) One of the radio stations in my area seems to be playing “Twelve Days of Christmas” a lot. It feels like once an hour, but I’m sure it isn’t that often. However, that song lingers and is running through my mind which brings us to question three of this weeks “Blogcess”. What’s your favorite holiday song? There are way too many…..when it comes to the classics, if Bing Crosby is singing it, I love it. Execept Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas….Judy Garland has to be singing that to make me happy. When it comes to the new stuff…..well, here’s a partial list:

“New” songs….

  • Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Band Aid
  • Where Are You Chrismas? by Faith Hill
  • Christmas Time by Bryan Adams
  • Step Into Christmas by Elton John
  • Merry Christmas, Baby by Springsteen
  • 4) In sticking with traditions – – do you have a favorite holiday sweet? Ooooh, chocolate covered pretzels are my weakness this time of year….probably because this is when people buy them for me. I mean real chocolate covered pretzels from a real candy/goodie shop….not the crappy miniature bagged ones from 7-11 :-p I pretty much know not to go near any stores that sell chocolate covered pretzels the rest of the year, but my parents almost always get me a tin of them for Christmas….yeah, I can have them once a year without feeling guilty 😉
    5) Time to spread some “Blogcess” linky love.
    Today, I just can’t get enough of The Impulsive Buy 🙂


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    1. Three curiosity questions:
      1. Why do you wait to decorate the tree Christmas eve?
      2. How long do you keep it up all decorated then?
      3. What is scrapple?

    2. 1. The tree is decorated by Santa 🙂 So with the exception of her own special ornaments that she puts on before bed, Brittany doesn’t see the tree decorated until Christmas morning.
      2. We keep the tree up until The Epiphany (January 6th).
      3. Scrapple is the best breakfast meat in the entire world – quite possibly, “nature’s” most perfect food – and if I ever moved out of Pennsylvania, I would have it imported regularly…..while I’m happy with bacon, I’d much rather have scrapple 😉
      Thanks for the questions!

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