Red Thing

I’m tired, bored and rather annoyed about it. I tried going to bed about a half hour ago but started coughing and haven’t stopped yet. Same thing happened last night when I went to bed and I got up, came over here, took some cough and cold caplets and rolled around blogexplosion for a bit till they kicked in….
I just took the caplets and figured I’d go through some of the pictures I took today….and post a picture of the funky red thing over in Locust Walk that I’ve taken way too many pictures of. Damn thing…..

I think I’ll be here a while :-


Posted on 15|12|2004, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. omg, we have one of those in seattle! it’s not exactly the same but i bet anything it is by the same artist. it’s in the seattle center by the pacific science center and everytime i walk by it, i’m like ‘what the hell?’
    thought i’d share.

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