blogcess – 12.16.04

I’m late again….
1) When it comes to decorating are you Clark Griswold, Martha Stewart or Ebenezer Scrooge? I am definitely Scrooge around here for any holiday anymore. I can’t put a damn thing outside any time of the year without some bastard walking off with it and I’m tired of it. I hate this neighborhood, hate the neighbors and I can’t wait to get out of here so I’m not wasting my time putting things up just so they can disappear the same night. I do put things up inside the house so no, Brittany is not deprived of Christmas decorations…..and she knows why I won’t put things outside because things of hers have been stolen out there, too.
2) Do you have to have a real tree or do you prefer an artificial? I prefer real but I have an artificial tree as a back-up in case we can’t afford the real one. It’s come in handy lately :-
3) Do you use all white lights on your tree or are you a multi-color decorator? Do the little lights twinkle? Oh, the tree has to be multi-colored and lots of them. My dream tree has hundreds and hundres of multi-colored lights and is just gushing with ornaments – no theme….just ecclectic 🙂
4) The final touch to any tree is the topper. What do you put on the top of your tree – – star, angel or other? We have an angel that I’m not really happy with but I have yet to find anything I like better….
5) Time to spread some “Blogcess” linky love.
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