Merry Christmas, Baby!!

Yeah, I know it’s not quite the big day yet but I’m way too happy with my new sproingy Santa hat and I probably won’t be around for a while starting tomorrow, so I figured I’d get it out of the way now 🙂
Actually, I’ll probably be in and out to at least post something in the journal over the holiday…..so I’m sure I’ll poke my head in over here, too…..
Tomorrow night, Brittany has her Christmas show at school. When that’s over, we’re going to go down to the live manger with my parents and my nephew and Brittany and I will probably just leave from there to head up the mountains for Christmas.
I still have a whole bunch of things to wrap before we leave….though I can do most of it up there, I want to try to get a few things done tonight and I do still have a couple of gifts for my co-workers kids to do……
So why am I sitting around here you ask?
Procrastinator. Extraordinaire. Right here……
But I’m going now…..hell, I may make myself one of these while I work. Ya know, for not being a big vodka drinker, I sure do love the funky martini……I’m just too lazy to make myself a chocolate one half the time. This, I can do 😉


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