Too much time on my hands…

….and it’s tickin’ away with my sanity…..
Yeah, so I’m still playing with my camera…..and I thought I’d share with you a couple of prints that hang on my bedroom wall. You have to click on the thumbnail to get the full effect……
The two on either end there, hung over the toilet in our bathroom when I was growning up….I’m not really sure why my mom chose to hang them in there but I was always fascinated with them. On more than one occasion, my mom found me standing on the toilet to get another good look at them. Imagine my delight several years later when I saw that Def Leppard had used “Vanity” (the one on the left) on the cover of their RetroActive album 😉
The one in the middle, is a print called “Lincoln in Dalivision” that I bought for $15 when I was working in the law firm in 1996. It’s about 16″x20″ and then matted and framed….I love Dali and figured how often would I be able to grab something like that for fifteen bucks, even if it’s not worth anything.
So…..just a little glimpse into my room 🙂


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