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Down to the river….

It’s been a week since (cue kettle drum) The Blizzard of 2005….I finally had a chance to get near the river yesterday….considering we only had one day this week that went above freezing – the rest of the week the highs were arount 20 and the lows were pretty close to zero – I was surprised to see that there actually wasn’t much ice on the Delaware….

I’d like to get over to the Schuylkill one day this week, but I don’t know when I’ll have time :-


Ever wake up and just lie there….trying to decide if you really have to pee badly enough to justify getting out of bed just yet?
Ever have the phone ring at the exact second you decide to roll over and go back to sleep for fifteen minutes?
C’mon, now…..does anyone really need vinyl siding from Sears at 8:15 on a goddamn Saturday morning?!?

Move over, Nermal…

I just saw this on my pentfinder thingy….this is offically, the cutest kitten in the world. I want him! I am fully prepared to accept status as the crazy cat lady, just bring him to me!!!


I just got the notice in my e-mail today. I’m up for renewal……my domain, that is.
I’m wondering if I want to keep it or if it’s time to move on……
Decisions, decisions.
Happy Pills has just been so fitting all this time, I’m not even sure what else I’d go with…….yeah, just one more trivial thing to occupy my mind.


Did you ever notice that when you have “one of those days” a song comes on that pretty much just sums up the whole thing? Every time I have ever heard this song….it was one of those days.

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The schools are closed….so Brittany’s school is closed. But I’m gonna kill somebody if I stay in this house one more day. I know my parents street is gonna be one big sheet of ice so I’m not gonna waste time going up there. I think I may just go in to work for a bit and take Brittany with me……..
I could totally go back to sleep, though…….

E-A-G-L-E-S – Eagles!!!


The last time the Eagles went to the Superbowl, I was younger than Brittany is now 🙂 This is it for me…..I am so happy for them just to have made it to the big game, I don’t even care if they win – lol 🙂 I mean if it winds up being New England and Philly, you know who I’ll be pulling for…….it’d just be way too cool if it’s Philly and Pittsburgh, though.
A Pennsylvania Superbowl…..hey, it could happen 😉

Comparison Shot

Just for the fun of it…..
Here’s the pic I took of Brittany when we left my parents house yesterday…..

….and here’s the one I took when we left today.

One Vision

While I was looking around over there, I got a new wallpaper…..or two…..

…..yeah, and while I’m on the subject… know I’m such a huge Queen fan….every time I see the “One Team, One City, One Dream” thing, I can’t get One Vision out of my head……
But I guess it is somewhat appropriate……

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Game Day

I’m really trying not to get exicited about anything here……but I figured since I wore the Eagles jacket when we went out last Sunday, I should probably do the same when we went out this week……

Now I just ordered 30 buffalo wings and we are up as of this second 🙂