Monthly Archives: November 2006

Two at once…..

My boy…..and the old girl….both of them today.

We knew Smiley was going, really……she was 22 years old and for the past week or so, she’s been winding down……around 6 o’clock last night, Bill called from the mountain house to let me know she was gone. She died in her sleep sitting next to my father-in-law, her most favorite spot in the world.

Then around 10 o’clock, he called me – very distraught – and just said “It’s Lucky……he’s paralized…..” He told me he had gone out to the kitchen to get something to drink and discovered Lucky dragging himself across the living room floor.

They rushed him to the vet and that’s when Bill called me. He didn’t know if he’d fallen or one of the other cats had done something to him………but he ut me on the phone with the vet who told me Lucky had had an embolism. They could go in and remove the clot, but he would never walk again……and there was only a 25% chance he’d survive the operation……..and, especially not being able to walk, he would just continue to produce clots………and he was in alot of pain.

I had to let my boy go……

All I could think about was him as a kitten…….little cat with those *big* ears…….his huge fat tail and thick fur…….and his broken “Ma-a-o-o-w” ……I feel horrible…..I just couldn’t let him suffer like that….I really hate it……..

Smiley dying….having to let Lucky go only hours later…….



Sometimes…..just every now and then, I like to be up early. I woke up around 7:30 to Katrina petting herself with my hand….this is the “feed me now” tactic she uses when I try to sleep in. Most of the time I ignore her and roll over, but I actually got up today…….so now I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee, doing some Christmas shopping….. while Katrina cleans herself under my computer desk. As soon as Bill and Brittany get up, we’ll be heading out….right now I’m just enjoying how completely quiet it is…………….

Sine like the sun….

This weekend was just….terrible. Only thing I can say……awful. The whole week, really.

We buried Mare yesterday.

I just……can’t get over it.

Brittany was also very attached to Mare….she and MaryKate, Mare’s daughter, are almost inseperable…….

We are having a memorial next Saturday on the corner where she was killed……it would have been her 39th birthday.

If anyone has any info, please contact Philadelphia Police at 215-685-3180….you know like if you know someone in Maryland that drives a black Lexus and hasn’t been seen for a week……


My cousin…….

KENSINGTON – November 5, 2006 – The search is on for 2-hit and run drivers who struck and killed a woman, while drag racing. And Police believe they have found one of the vehicles.

A grief stricken (my aunt) sat outside her Kensington home talking about her daughter. 38-year-old (my cousin) died instantly when she was hit by two cars drag racing on Aramingo Avenue. (Cousin) was a single mother with three children. Her mother and the rest of her family can’t understand why the drivers never stopped.

It happened at 2:30 Sunday morning on the 26-hundred block of Aramingo Avenue at Huntingdon in Kensington. Police say Cram was crossing near the intersection when the two cars came racing out of the night.

About 15 minutes later, police found one of the cars, a 1999 Lexus. It had been set on fire in a residential neighborhood about a mile away. The car had Maryland tags and, so far, police don’t know who might have been driving it. The other vehicle is described only as a dark colored SUV.

Crossing this street on foot can be risky any time of day. But, residents of the area say it’s much worse at night when this street becomes a virtual drag strip.

(My cousin) never had a chance as she crossed the street early Sunday morning. Not many people are around at that hour, but the police are hoping someone might have seen something that’ll help them identify the drivers.

(My cousin)’s mother just wants to ask them why they never even slowed down.