December?, originally uploaded by lepprdqueen.

I hate this weather…’s been too warm for like two weeks… should not be 67degrees on December 1st!! It just makes me grumpy and achy……

I wound up staying home from work yesterday….I just had such a headache when I went to sleep on Wednesday, and it seemed like it was worse when I woke up so I called out…..and since Brittany woke up feeling a little off, we both hung out for a long time……..

My headache finally went away and I spent a little time decorating the windows….I had them open and was sweating my ass off……and was very tempted to turn on the AC, but resisted…….

This is actually the first time in a very long time that i’ve decorated for the holidays….my mom pretty much did everything there last year before I had a chance to say “Bah Humbug” and at the old house, I just didn’t care…..I was disgusted with the house and the neighborhood and figured since we had Christmas up the mountains anyway, why bother?

But now I’ve got my own windows again and my own decorations and a decent neigborhood and a place to live that makes me happy………not sure where I’m going to put the stuff when I take it down, but I don’ really care, either…………..


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