She’s a doll!

I love MAC.

We went out today and finally bought Brittany’s dress for her First Communion….now for me, when compared to this event Halloween is not such a huge deal….but for the 8 year old in me and for Brittany, it’s huge! So huge that when we found out the date for the Communion I went “Oh, November 1st, that’s All Saints Day, that could be neat….wait a minute – hey! That’s the day after Halloween!!” And a Friday Halloween, at that :-

So, hair color and make-up are out. Brittany is always off on November 1st for the holiday so it’s a little easier to get away with heavy duty costumes and still have an extra day to make sure all the residue is gone…..but I don’t want her to be up till midnight with me trying to cold cream every bit of blue and goo from her face, and I definitely don’t want to be doing that the morning of.

Lo and behold – what do I find in my e-mail when I get home? The MAC Halloween Spooktacular and this! The picture they use is a little weird and looks like a very creepy Bette Davis but it gave me the idea to send Brittany out as a doll. We have the perfect floor-length-flowery-frilly-Laura-Engles dress that I found at the thrift shop and had to buy for just such an occasion….all I need to get is a wig. Best of all, not much make-up involved!

Thank God for small favors!! I’m working on my second 4 page paper this week and still have to take a mid-term by tomorrow night – my imagination is just shot 🙂


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