The Big Race


We had a great day today! Brittany ran in the cross country regional race in Ambler, PA this morning and beat her best time by a minute and a half – again!

This kid has done nothing but amaze me since she started running.  There was an ad in our church bulletin that there would be a cross country team starting in August, and since Brittany was interested in going out for the track team in the spring this year, we went over to check it out.  At the end of the first practice, she never wanted to do it again and I was pretty sure she’d never speak to me again for even suggesting such a thing.  When the time rolled around for the second practice, I figured we would just let it go and I didn’t even mention it.  When she walked out of her room all dressed to run asking me if I was ready, I was stunned.  She made an “agreement” with herself that she would stick with it for a month, but that was it….even told the coaches that.

She runs 3K.  At her very first meet, she finished at just over 25 minutes.  Today, in very soggy and muddy conditions, she finished in 20 minutes and 28 seconds…..even after falling once 🙂

The kid’s got heart…..

…..and I’m wondering if it’s time for me to start the C25K 😉


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