Today was just hard….I don’t know if it was the weather or the part of the park we were in or what, but I really struggled today.  I did about 9 reps this time, but I couldn’t run for the full minute at all today….it was at least 45 seconds each time, but never more than 51 or 52….even when I wouldn’t look at the clock, or count or anything, I came up at least ten seconds short.


  • Brittany hasn’t started to make fun of me yet – yay!
  • My back cracked in a spot that I’ve been trying to get it to crack for months – yay!
  • Even though we were on a slight incline most of the time, it took longer for my knee to start being weird today – yay!
  • And I’m looking forward to heading out for W1D3 on Saturday 😉

Also, I rather amused myself when I realized that I can be a sarcastic cow even with myself when I considered the fact that while I do buy good bras, I should probably invest in a good sports bra if I intend to keep this up…….at which time my inner sarcastic cow suggested to myself that duct tape might be a better solution…..and yeah I sniggerd at the quip and toasted my wit with a bottle of blue Gatorade.



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