Getting better all the time….

W1D3 was a much better day than D2.  I felt good starting out….Brittany and I walked around the track at Fr. Jdg and then went down to the path into the park and I did about 7 reps….but today I was able to get my full minutes each time and I ran down the hill you see in the pic below….then I ran up it…then I slid on some mud, twisted my ankle and stumbled into a shrub with some prickly things all over it….yeah, I walked back up and did one last rep on the track 😉

I woke up with some serious back pain this morning, though….I was not a happy camper.  I tried to stretch it out but it’s in such a weird spot – it’s in the middle of everything and just not easy to stretch…..I even put the heating pad on it for a while, but…..I dunno….it may just be time for another visit to the chiropractor :-p  Honestly, I didn’t think I would even see day 3  of the first week in this program so now I’m kinda happy and I don’t want this back pain to be something that makes it difficult…..and since I’m being honest here….I’m going to be giving W2D1 a shot on Monday…..but I get the feeling I might wind up with W1.2D1 😉

In other news, Brittany and I got a ton of stuff done all around today….a ton of wash out of the way, Brittany packed up a lot more stuff in her room to go with us and to just go away….and I took apart the dining room table, packed up a bunch of knick-knacks and took down the shelves, finished dealing with the hall closet and got rid of a ton of papers.  I was going to pack up some more of the kitchen cabinets but by then the Grinch and the Cat in the Hat were on and I started feeling lazy so we lounged…..and then – even though it was already way late – Brittany wanted to see what Bedtime Stories was like….I’m not a big Adm Sndlr fan but dude, that was one cute movie!!

And yeah, now it’s really late and I think all the coffee and Mtn. Dew Baja Blast I had today is finally wearing off – g’night!


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