Got the keys, Baby!!

Yep…..after a slow day at work that ended with drama, I had to leave about ten minutes earlier than I had planned because someone else had major drama – like real tragedy – and head over to sign the lease on our new apartment.  Bill and Brittany were already there when I got there and had gotten the keys to start unloading some stuff from his truck.

We spent some time looking over everything and making notes of things that we need to point out to them.  Then we came back over here and grabbed some more stuff, dropped it off and went to eat…..after dinner, we stopped back one more time to check the darkness factor in the apartment.  We figured it’d be good, but we wanted to know if we’d need a lot of new curtains right away of if we can live with just the blinds for a bit….everything is cool, though, and WOW is it quiet!!

I think it’ll be cool….I’m kinda dreading the next couple of days, but looking forward to waking up on Tuesday morning and not having anything to do but arrange my stuff 😉


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