HoliDailies :-)

Wow….it has been absolutely forever since I was in on HoliDailies…..I’m not even sure I did it after the very first year….I remember wanting to….trying to….but I would always either wind up missing the registration – in which case I would just try to stick to it on my own – or just falling into my typical December Drama that pretty much keeps me from doing anything I want to do before Christmas. But I was on the ball this year, baby….NaBloPoMo got me rollin’ and I was on the lookout for HoliDailies since the beginning of Thanksgiving week….now all I can say is woot!

For everyone stopping by thanks to HoliDailies – hiya! I’m Heather and I’ve been doing the bloggyjournal thing for…..oh, many a year now….well, I did it for many a year and then took a hiatus of sorts. I’m using this to sort of get back in to the swing of things, test the waters again and see if I am ready to jump back in with a new domain and all that gooey goodness….it’s been a while, but the ease of updating is very appealing. When I started doing this, I was handcoding every HTML entry and FTPing them – I know more than a few of you remember those days!! But now….wow….I mean, I’ve been using CMSs for years but the fact that I can use my phone to post entries is just astounding….and let me tell you, that really came in handy last week! I think from last Sunday until this past Saturday, every entry was txtd in because of our internet transfer troubles….such a pain….never thought I’d say it, but thank goodness for Cmcst!

Today’s Advent Prayer:

We ask Mary, the one through whom Jesus entered our world, to guide us in presenting Jesus to those who live in our land. May her prayers help us to share in her courage and faithfulness. May they lead us to imitate her discipleship, her turning to Jesus, her love for God and for all. May the compassion that Mary has always reflected be present in our hearts.

We also pray that, like the disciples walking that Easter morning to Emmaus, all Catholics may feel their hearts burning through the presence of Jesus. As those two disciples felt the presence of Jesus in their journey, we ask that the ministry of evangelizing help believers feel anew the presence of Jesus and that it help others discover his gracious presence.

We pray that the fire of Jesus enkindled in us by God’s Spirit may lead more and more people in our land to become disciples, formed in the image of Christ our Savior.

–From ā€œGo and Make Disciples,ā€ 139-141/USCCB


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