Back in the day….


So….in my FaceBook travels today, I came across a trailer for the new Legend of Zelda game.  I never played Zelda….neither did Bill.  But it started us comparing notes on all the old video games we loved.  The very, very early video games that I remember playing were on my dad’s TRS-80 back in the early 80s…Popcorn was always awesome but I would try playing Poltergeist for a few seconds every time I turned the computer on and would get annoyed really fast and switch right to Popcorn – really, looking at this picture, can you blame me?

Another early game i was crazy about, I could only play when I went to my Aunt Kass’s house.  My Uncle Jack was the only person I knew that owned a Commodore computer and I loved to go there so I could play Congo Bongo cuz it was just awesomeness- lol!

The beginning of the end was the day Dad came home with King’s Quest III…..I couldn’t get over the fact that you could just type in whatever you wanted the little dude to do and he just did it.  “Open door” and he opened the door!  “Pick up book” and he picked up the book!!  “Kick cat” and he kicked the effin’ cat!  Which was okay even with me because that cat would rat you out to the wizard in a heartbeat……

As awesome as that was, though…..nothing compared to Prince of Persia.  And to this day, this is still my all time favorite game.  I’ve played every single version of it from the PC to the Xbox and let me tell you how excited I am that there is a PoP movie coming out!!  The old graphics are enough to make anyone nostalgic……

But still……progress isn’t always a bad thing!!

But then along came Phantasmagoria….I played this game for as long as was humanly possible….meaning it would have meant maintaining a crap computer just so I could keep playing it – I was crazy about it!  The first sleepless nights I had were spent trying to get through this game….and seriously – how cool that you could use a mouse to control the whole thing?!?

The day I had to retire Phantasmagoria, I vowed to never play another video game. And since by that point, we were well into the internet age, I instead threw my computer energies into designing websites and blogging and journalling. It was through these endeavors that I discovered – cue the kettle drums – The Sims. Yeah, I blame Heather.  I loved the Sims but yes, even I could be a cruel Sim master…..I know I am not the only person that had ONE Sim that would drive them so completely crazy that they built a closet around them with no door until they “expired”… I?

In any case, while the Sims world goes on….I just am not that into it any more. Nothing wrong with the game or anything…..I’ve just…..moved on…………funny, though…this screen cap of my “Bill” Sim is from 2004.  I just took this pic a moment ago…..

So, yeah….I’m pretty sure in 2004 Sim Bill probably would have just started playing Star Wars: Galaxies online and tried to get me to play as well.  I like Star Wars, I just never could get interested in that game – sorry!  Real Bill, in the photo above is playing EverQuest II and let me tell ya…..once that rolled around, I was no more good…..

EQII is fun and Bill and I can both play….and yeah when we’re really being geeky, we both sit in our respective corners of the room and play….for the record, I’m a lever 57 Troubador but at the moment, I think my motherboard needs an upgrade….something just isn’t right so I haven’t played in a few weeks  which sort of sucks especially when Bill is over there playing and I’m stuck playing FarmVille on FaceBook!!

So uncool.

And obviously, I know what it takes to be cool.



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