Global Poverty

It’s so easy, especially at this time of year, to think that we are in terrible shape. As usual, we are thinking financially and materially….not spiritually! Trust me, I know of what I speak – money is way tight around here….and yeah, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get Brittany everything she wants for Christmas or everything that I want her to have, even. And when I start to fret, I stop to think – that is not what this is about!

What we all need to remember, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably eaten at least one nourishing meal today and have shelter from the elements – it’s 26F here is Philly and I am fortunate enough to be warm with no socks on, drinking coffee and getting ready to make myself a fried egg sandwich! Now mind you, around here, we don’t have to make tough choices….like should I pay the electric bill or buy a Wii…? Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but you get the idea – this season is about more than giving and getting the material crap.

Not to go all Band-Aid or anything, but there are people all over the world who are just trying to make it through a cold spell, trying to pay their bills at the end of the month, trying to get some food together for their families – and maybe they can’t do it without our help. Really, we don’t have much. We have one moderate income and bills to pay – but if I really think about it, there are tons of ways that I could skimp on something and give a little somewhere else! Hello, Wawa coffee instead of DD? Home coffee instead of Wawa, even! Cut out buying coffee altogether and that’s more than $12 just from me each week – I know everyone else can do something 🙂

Really – think about it!

Advent Prayer from the USCCB website:

Come, Lord Jesus!
Come in your way,
in the ways that you know.
Come wherever there is injustice and violence.
Come to the refugee camps,
in Darfur, in North Kivu, in so many parts of the world.
Come wherever drugs prevail.
Come among those wealthy people
who have forgotten you,
who live for themselves alone.
Come wherever you are unknown.
Come in your way
and renew today’s world.
And come into our hearts,
come and renew our lives,
come into our hearts
so that we ourselves may become the light of God,
your presence.
In this way let us pray with St. Paul:
Maranà, thà! “Come, Lord Jesus!”
And let us pray that Christ may truly be present
in our world today
and renew it.

Please…..say a prayer and see if you can’t make the burden of another just a little bit lighter this Advent!

(P.S. – this was yesterday’s Advent Prayer from the USCCB….see what happens when you get into the video game mindset?  LOL 🙂


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