Five Years Ago

I check out the HoliDailies prompts now and then, especially when I’m having trouble getting started…not that I wind up using them half the time, they get my brain going, though. Today’s prompt is “Five Years Ago”….there must be something I can do with that!

So I started thinking and for the life of me could not recall a damn thing from 2004 except my trip to Vegas for the Queen show, and I’m sure that’s only because I was talking to someone about it the other day. Then I opened up Picasa and started going through some pics…..then I thought it might be neat to check out my journal entries from five years ago.

It wasn’t neat. I’m actually quite sick and want to cry. December in 2004 was not a happy time around here – some of it was even pretty effin’ scary – and I’m not even interested in getting into it, but December 15th, 2004 is a day I think I should be glad that I don’t remember. All I can say is that I’m happy to be miserable in a completely different aspect of my life right now and am seriously reconsidering my thoughts of digging up all the old archives to publish…..things are very different now and until reading through those old entries, I just didn’t realize how much.

I thank God that things have changed and I pray very hard every day for my family and that we never go through a time like that again!!

Today’s Advent Prayer for my family and for yours:

God made us a family.
We need one another.
We love one another.
We forgive one another.
We work together.
We play together.
We worship together.
Together we use God’s word.
Together we grow in Christ.
Together we love all people.
Together we serve our God.
Together we hope for heaven.
These are our hopes and ideals.
Help us to attain them,
O God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Me 🙂 Christmas, 2004

(P.S.-Brittany just asked me if she could wear this hat to school tomorrow – lol 🙂


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