What a pickle!

I was starting to get nervous. Everyone else already had a good spot and for the life of me, I couldn’t see where there was an inch of space left for me. I had been wrapped up next to the ballerina and the cat, but even they were long gone now. As I looked around for a familiar face, I realized I was alone again just like I was this time last year.

It’s not like I ever really get to talk to anyone. I mean we spend years inside those four walls, only seeing the outside for a few weeks….but I’m usually on my own anyway, wrapped up in my own little world. Still, I can see them all….and they can see me! The unicorn has even tried to talk to me once or twice but when he couldn’t hear my replies, he stopped trying….I think I even heard the snowman on the other side of him say that I was just a figment of his imagination and he should stop chewing on the poinsettia – what’s up with that? Still, I wish I was out there with them….maybe I’d know a little more about what’s going on.

When they finally took me out of the box, they just sat me on the platform in the middle of another room……for days….at least, I think it was days. The moving things that put me on the platform would go past and come back and sit and eat and watch the other moving things in the other box – I’d love to know how they all fit in that box……here I thought mine was crowded! Days. And they just ignored me the whole time. Everyone else from the box already had their special spot and I was still stuck in my jar on the platform. The ballerina whispered to the angel on the branch above her….the angel rolled her eyes, but the ballerina snickered. The nutcracker just clucked his teeth. I was miserable and I wished they just put me back in the box.

Honestly, I thought they really forgot about me this time. But finally, they took the lid off my jar and gave me a new hook…..and wrapped the other end of the hook around a nice sturdy branch about midway up the tree……so far inside the tree, none of the lights reached me. Each year, they put me in the deepest, darkest corner of the tree but this time, I was sure I would never be seen again. And then they shut the lights off.

Once I became accustomed to the total darkness, I heard someone whispering to me….it was the unicorn. He told me that he loved it when they found me every year….so did I….but every year, I doubted they would.

Every year.

But they did. Every year.

For as long as I can remember, every single year they’ve found me….one year they searched for a good long time, too! And wow were they excited when they found me….that was nice.

Finally, it gradually started to get lighter in the room and the shortest moving thing peeked around the corner, smiled and ran away. A moment later, she came back….then ran away again and returned dragging one of the bigger moving things behind her. For the next 20 minutes the room was totally trashed – paper and cardboard boxes flew everywhere….and the hairy moving thing kept trying to knock one of the partridges off a branch near the bottom. Once the dust cleared at ground zero, the other big moving thing began the search….and the short one joined it.

They ate again and the search resumed….the butterfly whispered to the unicorn that it had never taken this long. He replied “It won’t be long now!” and winked at me – it’s nice to feel appreciated. I hope they put me away near him again….that is if they find –

“I see it! I see it!!” A small hand reached into the tree and snatched me from my branch!!


I was happy to be found but…..now what? They put me back on the tree and the rest of the day was a blur of activity with lots of bright flashes and lots of fingers pointing at me, asking questions and turning me this way and that as I dangled from the branch….it wasn’t until much later, after every thing was still again that I realized, I was on a branch right near the unicorn. He grinned at me and gestured to the little one sitting under the tree enjoying her reward for finding me – a tin of chocolate covered pretzels!

Hmph….I would have at least thought some truffles but she seemed happy enough πŸ™‚

A Day in the Life of the Christmas Pickle πŸ™‚

(I feel compelled to remind everyone that creative writing is not really my forte, but in the spirit of the Christmas season, I figured I’d step outside my comfort zone a bit…..it could use some work, but it’s better than me complaining about work…..again.)

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  1. christinesenter

    This is the coolest bit I’ve read in a long time. For someone who isn’t a “creative” writer, that was pretty darn creative. I have to go find myself a pickle ornament now. LOL

    Christine Senter
    Owner of The Prompt Writer Website

  2. Aww, wow – thanks!! I was totally blank last night and when I googled “christmas prompts”, I came up with your wonderful list! There are quite a few on there I would like to work with πŸ˜‰ Thanks again!

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