Please, call me Joe!

We had a wonderful time tonight 🙂

Brittany, Bill and I met Fr.G. at a wonderful neighborhood seafood restaurant for dinner and caught up on everything and WOW did we have a good time! The food was great and it was so good to see Fr.G. again….or Father-Please-Call-Me-Joe*.

It’s one of those things that I’m just never sure how to deal with. Like one of my teachers from high school….whenever we e-mail each other, he always signs his first name…but even after all this time, he’s still Mr. Mister*. And truth be told, it’s not that I don’t want to address him by his first name, I just still….I dunno….really, because it’s been long enough and I’m certainly old enough to able to address other adults by their first names.

But anyway….yeah….as we were going into the restaurant, Fr.G. asked that we just call him “Joe*”. Now, knowing full well my lack of success when other people with titles ask me to address them by their given name – I sort of stuttered that I would need some time to adjust to that but now I’m worried that I’ll wind up doing as I do with others and just sort of….avoid addressing them directly. And it’s not like I call him “Fr.G.” every time I speak to him, he’s just “Father”.

Really, it makes sense, I suppose. I mean we are on more friendly than official terms now, though I still consider him to be my Pastor….my mentor, even 🙂 And if you’ve read my entries from the past few days, you know what a major role he’s played in my spiritual well being and that makes it even harder to contemplate to call him by his name……but between friends, I’d be uncomfortable if he were to address Bill and I formally and not in fun, ya know? I’m making too much of this. The first time I actually manage to call him “Joe*” without hyperventilating, I’ll wonder what I made all the fuss about.

Vianney!He gave us a bag of goodies for Christmas, too….among all the treats was an audio recording of Vianney, the show we had gone to see at his new Parish a few weeks ago. And each one of us – Bill, Brittany and myself – gave a collective “OOH!” when we saw that 🙂 It was a fantastic show but I wasn’t able to hear a good bit of it that night….no problems there, just my developing deafness… I am happy to be able to hear the whole story now. And Bill and Brittany just enjoyed it so much – yeah, surprised me, too! – that they want to hear it again!

He got a new car…my car! The 2010
LaCrosse that I’ve been drooling over since the fair in September and it is a beauty – midnight blue with spiffy blue accent lighting around all the trim inside and oh-so-comfy seats. And yeah, I blame him for me wanting the darn car to begin with cuz I loved the old LaCrosse he had and then he goes and gets this one!! Ah well….at least I got to ride in it 🙂 It doesn’t count as “envy”……I’m happy he has one – very happy – but I still want one of my own! It’s just….coveting :-p

After dinner, Bill drove Brittany home in my car and I rode with Joe* here to our new apartment. He came in and we visited for about an hour, he checked out all the tank critters and patiently watched as Brittany counted out how many Littlest Pets she has now and scratched Katrina on the head when she came out for five seconds to investigate what was going on. Then he blessed our new home and we said goodnight.

And now I’m going to bed. I’m processing a lot of things and my ears are humming… least I think they are……I can’t tell anymore.

Saint Thomas Becket once wrote: “We must strive to keep our eyes on him whom God appointed high priest forever, and to follow in his footsteps. For our sake he offered himself to the Father upon the altar of the cross. He now looks down from heaven on our actions and secret thoughts, and one day he will give each of us the reward his deeds deserve.”

Lord Jesus Christ, may we ever keep our eyes on you, the source of our life, and the summit of all truth.
Teach us how to save those who are lost, protect those who are in danger and defend all that is true.
For you are Lord, for ever and ever.

*Names – like “Joe” and “Mister” – may have been changed in order to protect the innocent 🙂



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