Things I *REALLY* Enjoyed In 2009

My very first March for Life – on January 22nd, 2009, Bill and I headed down to Washington, DC earlier than I would normally leave for work.  We drove down and went to the Mass that was celebrated by Cardinal Rigali and concelebrated by Fr. G.  It was an amazing experience ant I think the thing that surprised me most about it was the number of young people there!  Seems like if the media even has anything to say about it, all they every show are pictures of people who can barely get around anymore.  But there were more school kids – from K-college! – and young adults there than anything else.  It was fantastic and we can’t wait to go again in 2010!!  (Visit the March for Life site for more info 🙂

Spending time with Fr.G. – I just lucked out this year and everything fell into place; I got to spend a ton of time with Fr.G. this past year. We got in the habit of sharing a meal now and then even before he was transferred to his new Parish. Everything from the Make Every Person Count campaign to my St.D’s Photo-shoot to Bible Study – I think the Gospel of Luke with be my favorite book of the Bible forever…..and remember…..if Jesus had been more like Mr. Rogers, he never would have wound up nailed to a cross 🙂

Brittany’s Cross Country Days I know, right? First of all, I never ever would have thunk I’d be the mother of a sports kid. I mean yeah, it’s not like I’m a “soccer mom” and considering swimming and cross country, while still team efforts are decidedly more solo competitions so I still feel like I’m encouraging independence, and not a clique mentality. Anyway, I really enjoyed the meet days out at Belmont and even the practice days. We developed a nice camaraderie with the coaches and we watched Brittany grow from not wanting to go to the second practice, to only wanting to do it for a month….and now to “I can’t wait for Track to start!”. She took an amazing 5 full seconds off her official times from the first meet to the championship and even more impressive…..she got me to start running!!

Catching up with old friends – Yes, I have to admit it.  Thanks to FaceBook, I’ve caught up with a lot of people I’m sorry I ever lost touch with.  And been reminded that there’s probably a reason certain people don’t stay in your life.  I’m glad to have you all in my life – God bless you all!!

The Concerts in Pennypack Park – What a great time!!  This is another one of those things that I’d always heard people talking about, always seen advertised and frequently said “We have to go to that!” but never got around to it.  Well this summer, we did and went to almost every show.  We had a ball each and every time – brought dinner and drinks with us and just spent the whole evening in the park once a week listening to whatever cover band was there….from Stevie Ray to Springsteen, the Pennypack Concerts rocked 😉

Make Every Person Count – This was just a wonderful opportunity put forth by Cardinal Rigali to reach out to members of our Parish in the interest of better meeting their spiritual needs and addressing their concerns for the Parish. I am forever grateful to Fr.G. and MLB for inviting me to co-chair the committee 🙂

The Polish Festival – One of those time where we really didn’t know what to expect….but Bill, Brittany and I all went out to Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine in Doylestown, PA for their big Polish Fest over the two weekends around Labor Day – it was awesome!!  All kinds of music and crafts and the food…..!  I don’t have a drop of Polish in me but I grew up in a very Polish neighborhood (so I am a big fan – lol!) – this was truly something I can see I going to each year……I’m even considering volunteering this year 😉

An Awesome December Snowstorm! – Yes, until about two weeks ago, I totally forgot how much fun it can be to play in the snow.  The grand total for the snowfall here in Philly was 23.2 inches and – whoo-hoo! – it fell on a weekend 🙂  Brittany and I want out walking while it was still snowing and the next day – which was cold and beautiful – we went out wandering through the park and “sledding” on the edge of our coats.  I am snow’s new biggest fan 🙂

So despite 2009 being the longest, most draggiest year I can remember in a long time and me having plenty of reason (notice that’s singular ‘reason’!) to be cranky on a general basis….I had a lot of fun this year.  Road trips and projects keep me happy….now I have to work on my “want to list” for 2010 😉


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