The Last Night

Yup….it’s official….today is the Solemnity of the Epiphany….Little Christmas…’s always kind of a weird day for me….it’s like “Whoo-hoo! Little Christmas!! Oh, wait….no more lights and shiny things….boo!!”

An Epiphany Prayer
“May this holy season be for each of us
A time of moving beyond what is ‘reasonable’
And toward the star of wonder;
Moving beyond grasping tight to what we have
To unclenching our hands and letting go,
Following the Light where it leads;
Moving beyond competition toward cooperation,
Seeing that all humans are sisters and brothers.
Moving beyond the anxiety of small concerns
Towards the joys of justice and peace.
May the transforming acceptance of Mary and Joseph,
The imagination of the shepherds,
And the persistence of the wise men
Guide us as we seek the Truth,
Always moving toward the Divine promise.
Always aware God can be hidden in the frailest among us,
Always open to the unexpected flash of Grace,
To the showing forth of that Love that embraces us all.”

With that in mind, I must also give a huge thanks to Jette and Chip for their awesome work on Holidailies this year and always! I think this is the first time ever that I ever actually made it all the way through, posted an entry every single day and even had one “Best of Holidailies” entry!! Thank you, Jette and Chip! I can’t wait to do it again next year 🙂 And thank you, everyone else, for following along throughout the season!

In other news……I’ve been so happy to be back to posting like this…..that I registered a new domain!! I’m still working on getting everything together with it so I’m gonna hang out here till I do. I’m so excited!!!!


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