Wednesday – WWW :-)

* What are you currently reading? The Poet for the….gosh, I don’t even know how many times I’ve read it!  But it’s the first Michael Connolly book I ever read and this is the copy that I bought in 1998.  I keep books I like.  And rarely loan them out.  I’m a good book hoarder.

* What did you recently finish reading? Well, I can’t honestly say I “finished” reading it, but I’m finished with it for now.  Pope Joan.  It started off really well….but then I just hit a part where I couldn’t go on.  I decided to take a break and re-read The Poet….again.

* What do you think you’ll read next? I want to get back to The Betrayal, a book I was reading when we started packing in earnest before the move and – I hope! – went into the great book box which is now in storage.  It didn’t get thrown out or anything but if it got tossed in with something else, it could be a while before I find it :-  In the meantime, my whole Michael Connolly collection is here already so it could wind up being any one of those……

What are you reading?


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