The Transition


There it is.

Both of these pics were taken in the same room, in front of the same mirror with the cameras set on their absolute basic auto settings and no post-processing except to “collage” them….I am officially in awe of my new camera 🙂

But I have to say that my Pentax was the single best camera I’ve ever owned and better than anything I’ve been able to find in years….which is why I’ve had it for so very long….it was a Christmas gift…in 2003.

I am not getting rid of the Pentax. I fully intend to keep it around to use when I don’t want to eff up the new one or am afraid of getting mugged or something…..but the fact of the matter is that it is dying, slowly. The battery will not stay charged anymore. I bought a new charger and two new batteries, cleaned all the contacts and all….but can’t get more than 30-45 minutes of run time out of any of them. It makes me sad 😦

But, this new camera is tha bomb-diggity and I can’t wait to play with all the features!! Yes, I bought a book….and boy am I glad I did, the one that cam with it is crap!!

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