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It’s always something…

Okay, so it’s been a while since a real entry made an appearance here…..I’ve been busy!! Sort of…off and on….and playing EQII….a lot 🙂 I’m not going to go through a whole lot of playing catch up, though….just a few important points.

First, I hope everyone had a blessed, joyous and very happy Easter! Holy Thursday was a beautiful day for us….when I got done work, I picked up Bill and Brittany for a mini-10th-birthday celebration…stopped at Game Stop so Brittany could spend her birthday bucks and then went to Uno’s for dinner – her choice because she’s just crazy about their shrimp and crab fondue….and then, understanding and faithful child that she is, was happy enough to go to Holy Thursday Mass….as long as we went to Fr.G.’s church….which is what I had planned to do all along 😉

Washing of the Feet 2010:91/365

All I can say is….beautiful….I really have to rank the Holy Thursday Mass as my numero uno favorite…..hands down….it’s one that I just can’t ever get through without crying….ever! And to see Joe* washing the feet of the 12 parishioners….it’s kind of hard for me to tell whether I turn into a sobbing mess because I know what he – Joe*, the man, the priest – means to me or because, in the celebration of the Mass, I can truly see Christ in him…it’s a very emotional Mass!! Afterward, everyone processed out quietly and we were heading to the car but….I knew that he had seen us and I couldn’t just….leave….so I snuck back in and knocked at the Sacristy door to say hello….fortunately, he was just as thrilled to see us – and surprised! I hadn’t told him we’d be down – lol! We all chatted for a bit and set some tentative dates on when we can get together to go out….we settled on the beginning of May but he is also set on going out for my birthday in June……..

I’m not really a “Hey! It’s my birthday!!!” kind of person…I’m more of a “Oh, my birthday? Yeah, sometime in June….” kind of person…..I’d rather just have the day off, sleep in, get some Chinese food and maybe a chocolate banana layer cake for dessert – with no writing, and no flippin’ candles for cryin’ out loud! – and then forget about it again until next year. But anyway……I need to figure something out to deflect attention from myself….like going to Lngwd Grdns or something along those lines.

Holy Saturday 2010:93/365

Anyway, Thursday was beautiful….I had to work again on Good Friday, no chance of leaving early and I’m not even going to start on it because I’ll get all crabby about the whole stupid situation again. I ordered a crab pizza on my way home and before I stopped to get it, I ran in to a little Russian/Ukrainian/Polish market around the corner to pick up Brittany’s favorite chocolates to put in her Easter basket….while I was there, I found a bunch of other fun Easter chocolates and some little shrinky-dink thingies to make fake pysanky eggs….which turned out beautifully as did all of our Easter eggs 😉

Easter Sunday, we went to Mass at our new parish…..I decided to go to what I thought would be the big mass….but….it was really not crowded….I mean last year at our old church, they had to get out the crowbar to fit everyone into the pews…..apparently the crowded Mass is an earlier one :- Either way, it was nice and the ‘Alleluias’ were abundant!

Alleluia! Alleluia!
Like the sun from out the wave,
Christ has risen up in triumph
From the darkness of the grave,
Glorious splendor of the nations,
And the lamp of endless day;
Christ the very Lord of glory
Who is risen up today!

Love that song!!!

Okay, so now…..what’s the deal with this pic, right? Well, for all you Flickr folk, Happy Bench Monday! And no, it’s technically not a bench but it embodies the spirit of the bench….it’s actually my bathroom scale….and at the moment, it’s cause for concern for a different reason than I have ever had to be concerned with my bathroom scale.

About a month ago, I got on the scale for the first time since we moved. At the end of November. Yeah. Because, really….if I have no reason to watch it, it’s just not worth the stress. And figuring Thanksgiving and Christmas and all into the picture….why bother? So anyway….I go on the scale and my initial “Whoo-hoo!” at being a full 15 pounds lighter than I was before we moved actually never left my lips because….well….I could only account for that 15 pounds one way….and I’d be willing to bet that it in fact disappeared not since we moved in November….but probably since January. And in the last month, I’ve mislaid *another* 5 pounds.

Yes, I know….”Oh, boo-hoo, you lost 20 pounds….” Look, for someone who has had one eye on the scale for 20 years and been disappointed by reliable diet plans when they just stop working on more than one occasion……this is kind of disturbing. The fact is….I am generally a stress eater. But this is different. I think I am beyond stressed and just…..I dunno….I can’t say that I’m ignoring that I’m hungry….but I’d have to say 75% of the time, when I’m supposed to eat – say, on my lunch break for example – I’m pretty sick to my stomach and just not interested…..on those days, by the time dinner rolls around, I cook…..and probably eat about half what would be normal for me.

There is a change looming on the horizon – everyone PLEASE say a prayer for me this week!! If that works out and this downward trend continues, I guess I’ll see if my doc wants to send me to a GI…..if it falls through…..I’ll have to see what else he thinks I should do…..really, it’s not like I can’t stand to lose a few…I’m just concerned with the fact that it’s happening with no effort on my part :-p

Oh, that’s enough…..I’m keeping my fingers crossed for change and keeping a chorus of ‘Alleluias’ in my heart 🙂

Happy Easter, everyone!