Funkadellic! Again….

Yes, I’m in one of my blah times….again….and yeah, it’s happening way to often lately and I know why…..but I’m not getting into it now.  Still waiting on that change though so everyone please keep your fingers crossed!!

I want to get back to blogging, though….if for no other reason than the Blogathon is coming up.  I’m not going to be using this blog for the ‘thon, though….at least I don’t think so….I have to give some more thought to what I want the subject matter of the ‘thon posts to be…..if I am bloggin elsewhere, it would actually the first time I’m setting up a separate blog but it might just be a better way to do things…..either way, I’m sure I’ll be cross-posting here there and everywhere and I will need lots of support and happy vibes to keep me going at 3 in the morning – the more the merrier!!  Who knows…..maybe by then I’ll have good news to report and lots of happy changes to talk about…..

Off to make my Sunday afternoon run to the store…..need veggie for dinner – pork loin stuffed with rice….

Nummmmm 😉

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