Firefly Lane

Okay….so I wanted to like this book.  I really did.  I’d heard people raving about it so I requested it from the library and was so thrilled when it came in that I set aside all other books I had so I could start reading it…..and wow!!  I got sucked right in and before I knew it the girls were out of college…..and I was still waiting for something to happen.  So over the weekend, I resolved to finish it or chuck it…..and found myself skipping more pages than I was reading…..overall, I would say that I read two-thirds of the book and I did read the end.  But I really need to head right on over to amazon from now on when I’m even thinking about reading any book.  Had I done so I might have red-flagged this one before I wasted any time on it……

“Hannah goes a little too far into Lifetime movie territory in her latest, an epic exploration of the complicated terrain between best friends—one who chooses marriage and motherhood while the other opts for career and celebrity. The adventures of poor, ambitious Tully Hart and middle-class romantic Kate Mularkey begin in the 1970s, but don’t really get moving until about halfway into the book, when Tully, who claws her way to the heights of broadcast journalism, discovers it’s lonely at the top, and Katie, a stay-at-home Seattle housewife, forgets what it’s like to be a rebellious teen. What holds the overlong narrative together is the appealing nature of Tully and Katie’s devotion to one another even as they are repeatedly tested by jealousy and ambition. Katie’s husband, Johnny, is smitten with Tully, and Tully, who is abandoned by her own booze-and-drug-addled mother, relishes the adoration from Katie’s daughter, Marah. Hannah takes the easy way out with an over-the-top tear-jerker ending, though her upbeat message of the power of friendship and family will, for some readers, trump even the most contrived plot twists.”

Hellooo?!  Right there in the first sentence….”lifetime movie” = red flag!!  I get it, okay….I really do….this is way out line for me here….waaaaaaaaaay out in left field.  I’m the chick who’s never seen ‘Beaches’ and has absolutely no desire to do so….not even a little bit.

I’m just not a touchy-feely-bff-cry-on-your-shoulder kind of person, never was, never will be.  I’m much more the can-I-help-you-deal-with-your-sh*t-so-we-can-go-have-a-beer-and-a-laugh type person….yeah, I’ve got my moments but they usually stem more from can’t-deal-with-this-sh*t-on-my-own-right-now-frustration than anything else.  I won’t lie, though. Sometimes I feel like I could use a “lifetime movie” kind of friend…..but in all honesty, it’s really not practical for me. I have way to much of a okay-I-need-you-leave-me-alone-now and a whole bunch of no-I-don’t-feel-like-talking-on-the-phone-can-you-text-me-or-better-yet-email-me? thing going on…..

Honestly, ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ is about as sappy as I like to get….and I am sooooooo Idgie Threadgoode!

It’s just me.

But books like ‘Firefly Lane’….I mean it seems like a good book, well written and all….but yeah, not me.  I need some sort of ….question to be answered, some family secrets to uncover….some BFFs trying to solve a mystery would be cool…..I think that would also be Nancy Drew…..oh, well…..


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