Okay, so seriously, it’s not that I’m especially in this frame of mind today or anything since I had to go buy stuff…..this is something I’ve been….well….thinking on for a while….wondering how to approach….or even if I should just yet.

Brittany has officially hit the double digits and I’m just trying to figure out if it’s time to talk to her about her period yet or not.  I mean I’m really torn, too.  She’s 10.  I think I was 11 when my mom and I had “the friend” talk and I didn’t actually get it until I was almost 13….my birthday is in June and it started in February.  I knew about it a little by then from hearing other dumb kids talk about it but once I heard it from my mom, I worried about it!  From the time she told me about it, every time I had some little twinge or a stupid stomach bug, I just knew that was it.  And the whole “friend” thing just made me dread it even more.

I guess my big concern is that….assuming she knows nothing about it….I don’t want it to be something that weighs on her.  I mean, I always had the feeling that my mom felt like it was a big hassle and because of that, that’s what I expected…….and I’m sure, convinced myself that it was.  But I don’t feel like that now….to be honest, since we started NFP and I started paying more attention to he timing I hardly think about my period at all.  Yeah, I get pretty good cramps but I can’t let them keep me down and – much as I would like to – I can’t not go to work because I have them!!

So how can I clearly express the magnificence of menarche without weighing the poor kid down?  I want her to understand the awesomeness but not fall victim to the mass media horrors of menstruation!  And when should I do it?  Now at the beginning of summer freedom with 12 weeks of playing with her friends in the pool?  In September when she begins 5th grade at a new school?  Wait till her next birthday?  But a lot of kids are starting their periods early now….well, what seems early to me…..and I don’t want it to sneak up on Brittany.   She’s active and sporty, though – doesn’t that mean she’ll get it later?  Am I making this a bigger deal in my own mind than my laid-back kid will make of it?

In any case, while trying sort this all out for myself, I found this……I might snag one to help get the conversation going 😉

P.S.  – I’m trying out Twitter.  If you wanna find me, I’m HappyPills10.  Just let me know here what your ID is so I know to approve you 😉

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