Late for July

I had wanted to start off July 1st with a bang and get back to posting every day like I did in November and December of last year…..obviously, it didn’t happen.  Not a huge deal, I just wanted to get the writing going to get myself ready for the Blogathon.  But yeah, didn’t happen.

Not that I had anything in particular that I wanted to write about or anything….first full week of work after 5 days off, I was actually kind of numb by the time the first rolled around….and right now I’m just happy with this three day weekend and looking forward to the days I have off next week….I was thinking of even adding a few days on there but then this morning it occurred to me that I might try to get an extra day around Blogathon weekend….have to check the schedule when I get in on Tuesday.

Anyway, I’ve started making little notes for myself here and there about things that I want to write about during the Blogathon but I could always use some ideas might even put together a 20 questions or start working on a ‘101 things about me’ kind of thing so if you have any questions you’d like to see me answer during the ‘thon drop me a line 😉

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