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Ask for nothing, refuse nothing…

St. Francis de Sales said “ask for nothing, refuse nothing.”. We got some wonderful news today that will hopefully be finalized tomorrow – fingers crossed!!


I’m pretty sure I say this every year around this time but every year it seems more and more true….I’m busy. Busy, busy…..bussay!!

Brittany has been running with the cross country team since August again and having a wonderful year. Yesterday, she had her best time ever coming in at about 10 minutes under her very first time last year – we are all so proud of the progress she’s made! Next week is the regional meet just outside Dover – after that, we’re done for the year.

Swim team started up again in late September so we’re just getting in to the swing of things there but it’s another two nights a week out of the house…..Brittany is in a different school this year and that means a different swim team but so far, so good….the team and the parents seem to be much more enthusiastic, so that’s exciting.

I started back to school again in early September….taking three classes. A biology class on campus and a history class and “Women’s Studies” both online.

Biology is kicking my butt….I really thought it’d be a breeze considering where I work and junk but holy crap….I forgot how BASIC everything would be and that’s crap I don’t need to know on a daily basis….I’m plodding through, though: test #3 tomorrow!

I decided to take the history class online because the last time I took one, it started at 7:30 at night – I get up at 5:30 – and wasn’t over till 10:00. the guy wasn’t exactly thrilling so I was usually falling asleep by the time we got a break at 8:45. However…..this is not the type of online class I’m used to….there is very little input from the instructor other than approving (or not approving) of the work we post for the week,,,,,I don’t really dig that. It doesn’t help that most of our work comes from a text that has “the major problems with America” in the title. Ya know, it just doesn’t really do much to inspire me…..

Women’s Studies. I just knew that this class would be the bane of my existence for this whole semester. I wanted to take this because ultimately I want to get into bio-ethics and figured this would be a good base course for that road……I expected a hard way to go and considering it’s a secular school, I expected to be surrounded by argumentative, teenage a**holes that may not really disagree with my position but just like to argue. Yeah, nothing like that….I mean everyone has their view – I was surprised that a lot of them actually share my views – but it’s a respectful group, the teacher is wonderful and as we go along, I’m learning that I’m actually more of a feminist than I ever would have thought. Yeah, it’s not all about killing your babies and sleeping around and I’m okay with the rest of it. Not ready to sign up with the pro-life feminists, but I get it a little more now ;^)

Well, signing off…..I go in to work super early on the days that I have class on campus and tomorrow is one of those days………Happy All Saints Day to all and Happy NaBloPoMo!!