For a while now, I’ve been very interested in snagging a Prince Lionheart washPOD and yesterday I lucked out…..found a gently used one for $1!!!  Sooooo happy!!

I first saw one of these when I started looking around on amazon for baby products….when I first saw it, I chuckled and pointed it out to my husband saying something along the lines of “How flippin’ crazy is this???  Buy a specially designed bucket to bathe your baby in!!”  But then I watched a video.

I remembered how BBv1 would tense up and shiver the whole time we would bathe her in the usual baby bathtub no matter what we did to try to make her comfortable.  That’s when this started to make sense to me.  And, just for me personally, of course…..the washPOD seemed to be the way to go mainly because of the extra balance it affords.

Yeah, I kinda cheated and scored a used one….had I not, however, this IS one of the things I added to my registry and would certainly have been ordering.

Next on my list of “weirdo hippie mama” things to buy: a sling!!  ::gasp::


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