Building a Stash

Okay, so I mentioned the other day that I ordered some Kushies diapers and inserts to go with them on an Amazon gift card I received. Then on Friday night, with an Amazon credit from a textbook I sold, I ordered a few more diapers and inserts, including this Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, this Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (because I love froggy things) and this Blueberry Hook and Loop Diaper (because cow print makes me happy and causes me to send text messages that read only ‘Moooooo!’). Anyway, all of the diapers I’ve ordered are supposed to be compatible with each other.

Let me explain why I did this.

I know that I am brand loyal. Probably to a fault. Until I’m proven otherwise.

With BBv1, at first, we used several different brands of disposable diapers and I hated every single one. I’m not really sure why, we never had any functionality troubles…..I really think it was just a matter of I hated the way that felt and could only imagine that she did, too….after all, she was born in April so our early diaper trials were running through the summer months – yuck!  But what could I do?  After all, it was 11 years ago….options were pretty limited…..right?  Then one day, DH came home with a box of some store brand diapers and I thought he was crazy.  After I read the box and saw words like “cloth like cover” and “biodegradable” on there, I was sure he’d gone off the deep end.

They were BJ’s Wholesale Club store brand……and we used them until BBv1 was proficient in potty.  Never once did we have a problem with them leaking or otherwise, the “cloth like cover” really was and BBv1 never seemed uncomfortable in them.  So, when I found out I was pregnant this time, we made sure to head to BJ’s to make sure they still carried the same diapers.

It wasn’t really until a trip to Babies’R’Us that cloth diapering even came into the picture…..sure, I’d seen things in passing online about cloth diapering…..I usually moved quickly past those things and tried to ignore the panic that washed over me at the thought of trying to pin a diaper together on a squirming baby…..bearing in mind that I work with blades that can (and do) cut through bone… home, I could totally cut off the tip of my finger with a spoon.  That and the vision of me turning in my combat boots and G’N’R t-shirt for a flowered print peasant top and shoes made of rope was just way too much for me to bear.

But yeah, reality sunk in at Babies’R’Us when a package of gDiapers caught my eye. It was sitting sort of not where it belonged and it was open… I took a peek inside. Then I picked up the open box and wandered off to find DH…..who was playing with the baby toys with BBv1. We looked at the diapers, the liners, the inserts, the flushables and the “swish stick” and laughed……..and decided we could so totally cloth diaper!!

I started looking at different brands and styles and methods of cloth diapering, but I kept coming back to the gDiapers because…..well, those are the ones that caught my eye first (here we are back at that brand loyalty thing) and it seemed like they are the easiest to find around here in case, ya know, anyone wanted to buy some for me…….but, money is tight. I work my butt off. Full-time. In a crazy-busy hospital lab. Sometimes……most of the time, lately……more than 10 hours a day. Still, my hospital hasn’t given out raises is 3 years and at the time we were starting this cloth diapering inquiry, I still had no idea if we’d be getting a raise this year, either. So now I had visions of me wasting $400 on cloth diapers that suck!!

So I read more reviews, more carefully and talked to a few people that I know at least attempted to cloth diaper and a good sampling of who liked what and for what reasons……and then I started adding other brands to my registry, if for no other reason than it would be easier for me to remember that I wanted to try those. So as of right now, I have 4 different brands of diapers on the way along with 2 different brands of inserts and I have a stack of pre-folds sitting with the rest of the baby stuff I’ve already bought or been given. Next on my list of what to order is this trial pack from Bambino Mio, a couple from bumGenius, a Charlie Banana and probably a FuzziBunz.  At that point – unless anyone has some recommendations on another brand that I absolutely MUST try – I think I’m gonna call it a day.  I think that’s a wide enough selection for both DH and myself to make a call on with ones we love, which are okay and which we should just forget about.

This week, I also ordered the Wonderwasher. Again, this sort of falls into the “save the planet” category, but I have to be honest with you…..the cloth diapering and this washer wouldn’t have happened at all if there wasn’t a huge “save my pocketbook” aspect to go with it. We have a great little laundry room 50 feet from the door to my apartment. $1.50 for a wash and $.75 for a short dry, $1.50 for a “regular” dry. Not really horrible by some standards but I can’t imagine forking out that much money to wash JUST diapers……and I know one thing that would send me screaming to BJ’s and the comforts of the old “cloth like cover” would be hand washing 27 diapers every day – lol! For this – and other reasons – this seemed like a practical purchase. It should be here any day now, but in the meantime, I discovered something new to stress about.

What do I use to wash them?

I was going along thinking everything would just be honkey-dorey with me using my beloved Dreft – God, do I love that smell!! – but then I came across this detergent list from Bummis……well, now WTF do I do?? I need these diapers to last but I have yet to find most of the “okay” detergents on this list at stores anywhere near me. And even if I don’t have to order and pay for shipping, they would pretty much all seriously eff my laundry budget!

Ask and ye shall receive.

I was lamenting the situation on Twitter yesterday…..”lamenting”, being I mentioned that I had ordered more diapers and was cheerfully welcomed to the world of cloth diapering by the lovely ladies at Sisters ‘N Cloth. As the topic weighed so heavily on my mind at 8:00 on a Saturday morning that I’d been up since 5:45 (I actually just had to pee and couldn’t go back to sleep), I said ‘thank you’ and inquired as to their recommendations on detergents. Crunchy Clean – ordering a sample! Rockin’ Green – everyone seems to love, so I’ll get a sample or two of this……I’m just not sure on the scents, so I’ll probably check out the ‘Bare Naked Babies’ and maybe ‘Motley Clean’. But my favorite suggestion from Sisters ‘N Cloth, is this little bit of perfection right here – I had never even considered trying to see if I could mix up my own detergent, but this is right up my alley…..gosh, how product dependent we’ve become – lol!

Now……to cloth wipe or not to….cloth wipe……that is the question of the day! Part of me would like to just to keep the whole cloth-diapering-hippie-mama theme going here but… does one prepare the wipes? should they be ready in a tub ahead of time? should they be warmed? wouldn’t they get….ya know….funky?

Cloth wipies – my project for the day ;^)

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