Thirsties Duo Diaper Giveaway!!

I think I may be developing an attachment to Thirsties and the baby isn’t even here yet!

I finally sat down last night and went through the stash of cloth diapers that I have so far to see if I want to bring any of them with me when I go to the hospital.  Of the lot, the brand that I can really see me packing up to take with me are the Thirsties.  Perfectly adjustable and they don’t seem like they’d be crazy overly bulky on a new baby….even if she is already 7 pounds and I still have three weeks to go ;^)

I wrote an entry the other day about a Thirsties giveaway – don’t forget about it, it’s over on the 6th!  But here is another one you have to check out and this one is over on the 5th so don’t dawdle!!  Kristin over at Our Growing Garden is offering up a Thirsties Duo Diaper for one lucky winner that will get to choose which color or pattern they like best :^)  So get over there and get in on it!!

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