Another Thirsties Giveaway!!

I’m seriously not looking for these things, they just keep popping up in front of me – yet another Thirsties giveaway!!  I’m starting to think this is a sign ;^)

Thirsties Giveaway from One Smiley Monkey

Angela has written an excellent review on the product and I was especially thrilled to read what she had to say about the hemp inserts because I’m at that point right now where I’m trying to fill out my stash and going “Well, what’s the diff?” A good friend of mine gave me a $25 gift card to Amazon when we went out to eat on Saturday and I used that to stock up a bit more. Snagged another Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, some Dappi Diaper Doublers and some more Gerber Flats. I had the Thirsties Hemp Inserts in my shopping cart until the very last second, and then opted for the Gerber Flats… I said, still trying to fill out the stash and I think I already have a fair number of inserts, sooooooo……

But anyway! Go check out One Smiley Monkey.  Angela has a great site going over there and some pretty awesome giveaways ;^)

Now….for my dilemma of the day…..I’ve pretty much had my baby bag packed for the hospital for a while now. That was the easy part… bag on the other hand….well, not so much mainly because pretty much everything I see me bringing to the hospital for me, I use every day so it’ll probably get packed as I’m walking out the door. But with the baby bag……I’ve been kicking around the idea of bringing cloth diapers to the hospital with me and the Thirsties would be the way I go with that, just because they seem a little more trim than the others I have so far.

However…..over the course of a supposed 48 hour hospital stay – ugh!! – I’m not sure how much hand washing of diapers I want to get involved with and I don’t want to wind up with half the linens I bring with me going to the hospital laundry never to be seen again. The hospital, of course, provides disposables and I have a few packs that were given to me as gifts so I’m thinking I’ll just stick with those for the course of our stay. And put a Thirsties on with baby’s coming home outfit……..the orchid colored one would be perfect ;^)

So what’s your story? Did you bring any of your cloth diapers with you to the hospital or birthing center when you delivered?

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