It’s Tuesday

I had something in my head that I wanted to write about today.  I’m sure it would have been incredibly witty and entertaining but somewhere between yesterday and today, I had a day.  Nothing extraordinary, just a Tuesday that made me wish I had actually followed the advice of my OB and made last Friday my last day at work instead of insisting I could tough it out until this Friday.

I don’t feel horrible or anything….just achy and my feet and ankles are swollen.  This is a very new development for me.  Wasn’t until….actually this past Friday night that I noticed the swelling, but I assumed that I had just done too much running around during the day and after work when I went shopping with BBv1 and my mom.  It’s also new in that I never had it with BBv1.  I read that it’s a little more common in the summer months, though, and she was born in April.  I’m not worried about my blood pressure as it’s always low anyway….well, it runs average at my doctor’s office – 115-120/65-70 – but I usually go there right after work.  The few times that I’ve gone long after work or on a day off, it’s been in the 105-110/60-65 range.  I go tomorrow, though, so we’ll see for sure then.

And I soooooooooo have an awful case of mommy-brain today…..but, really, with three days of work left, I’m not complaining about a damn thing ;^)

In the meantime, today is Toddle Along Tuesday!!  And today’s featured blog is………………

So make sure you stop past and visit Jennifer, as well as the hop hostesses with the mostestes – Kristin (whose awesome review of Rockin’ Green reminded me that I have to order myself a couple of samples) and Mama G. (whose post from today “Peace Be With Poo” had me cracking up as I can totally see me in that same predicament in a few months ;^)

Others not to miss:

Peace Love and Poop  OurKidsMom 

Oh, and don’t forget – today is the last day for the Thirsties Giveaway over at Our Growing Garden!!  Get on it!!! :^)

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  1. Thanks for following (and swipping my button)! :o) I’m sharing the love and following you back!

  2. New follower from TAT. Great blog! I’m excited to read more:)

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