Thirsties Thursday Giveaway #6

That’s right, kids – it’s Thursday and it’s time for another awesome Thirsties Thursday Giveaway and oh, my gosh am I excited about this one!!  This week, you have a chance to win 2 – yes TWO!! – Thirsties Duo Wraps!!  I have a couple of these on my registry and would just love to get my hands on these beauties…….uh……forget I said anything, and definitely do NOT go get in on this giveaway.


P.S. – I know two people caught them in my pic from yesterday, who else spotted my Thirsties Duo Wraps in the hospital bag? :^)

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  1. Our blogs are pretty similar. 🙂 I CD too and post about CD giveaways!

    Following! Here from Toddle Along Tuesday!

    I’d love a follow back

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