Cover up that baby!!

Okay, it is my every intention to breastfeed our new baby. That is to say, that have all of my fingers and even my poor swollen toes crossed that everything works out and that her diet consists of nothing but breast milk. As I’ve already mentioned, bottle feeding will be a necessity.  I’m crossing everything – including my eyes – that she’ll be able to adapt easily to the bottle and still take the breast.

Having said all that, there is one other issue I need to consider.  Breastfeeding in public.  Now I’m not trying to start a holy war or anything; I think women should be able to feed their kids anytime, anyplace and however they so choose.  Right now, I’m thinking about my own personal modesty issues and nothing else.  I’m uncomfortable being seen in public in any top or blouse that goes much past my collar bone, in any direction.   Most of the time, I don’t sit around my living room in anything that covers less than a t-shirt!  That’s just the way it is.

But it still seems silly to me to wind up throwing a blanket or something over the baby in an effort to make sure I’m covered and comfortable.  I mean how do I know that won’t wind up giving her a complex or something so that she can only ever eat with a blanket over her head!!  I just have to figure something out….come August 1st, BBv1 starts XC practice again and soon after that she’ll be back to swimming – two things I never miss and I’m sure I’ll have to be feeding the baby at some time or another during a practice or an event.

So for months I’ve been on the lookout for some sort of compromise and may have found it through a giveaway over at One Smiley Monkey.

Angela has written a great review of The Baby Bond Flex and is offering the chance for one lucky reader to try it out for themselves!  I am so in on this, and will most likely be ordering one – easy enough to keep myself covered and no black-out for baby!!  Amazon offers the Flex, but the really cool bit is that Angela is also offering a code for 25% off at the time of check-out when you order your Flex directly from Baby Bond ;^)

Go check it out – and many thanks to One Smiley Monkey for bringing this one to my attention!!

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  1. I’ve seen the baby bond flex, but I’m still skeptical, because at some point your boob still has to be exposed to get your baby to latch. I used an Udder Covers nursing cover ( and I’ve been happy with it for the most part. Udder Covers almost always has a promo code for a free cover, you just pay shipping.

  2. Those are pretty cool and I like that there’s enough room at the top so you can still see the baby and make eye contact, but enough of a shield so the entire pool won’t get flashed during practice – lol! Thanks!!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Love your blog btw (Angela from One Smiley Monkey here) was trying to find your e-mail in your blog but couldn’t find it so I am posting here.
    Just letting you know that in the twitter entries of the giveaways you can’t post the same tweet for all 5 entries. It should be a separate link for each as it is a new tweet per entry. Hope it makes sense 🙂 I just got a tweet from another entrant asking about the double entries with the same one. Let me know if it doesn’t make sense! Thanks again and good luck!

  4. stopping by from the toddle along tues. blog hop! Newest follower, hope you will stop by and follow me back! I have some great giveaways going on with low entries, check them out! I also will be giving away a baby bond flex here in the next week or so, so keep checking back! Have a great day!


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