Birth Announcement :^)

Well, just about this time a week ago, I was sitting in a chair in the delivery room with my feet up on the bed waiting for a nurse to come in and ask me again if I was sure I was comfortable. On Wednesday morning, I posted a pic of my new daughter from my hospital bed – technology is mah-velous!! Since then, of course, things have been a little…..different….mainly just trying to fix the schedule imposed by the hospital – lol! Things are coming along nicely now, though, but I’m still not feeling up to writing the whole birth story up just yet.

In the meantime, last night I took a few minutes to prepare some birth announcements to send out. Now, I’ve never used Shutterfly before but when I set up my Target Baby Registry, I received a $20 gift card toward a purchase from Shutterfly. Never one to turn down $20 in anyway shape or form, I got DH and Monkey and we all picked out a few card styles that we liked and our favorite pictures so far to add to the announcement and after playing with a few, we decided on this one:

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Monkey is at that point now where – as we go along with Froggy – she asks if we did this or that with her. So she asked if we sent out birth announcements when she was born. I told her we absolutely did and it took me days to get them all out…..handwriting every single card with her name, weight, length and birth date, sticking a picture in each card and then hand addressing each envelope….I think I managed to get them all out by May – lol!

I was actually dreading the announcements this time and actually wondering if it would be bad form to send out e-mail announcements with instructions for people to share the news with their non-tech-ish friends and family….yeah….so Shutterfly saved me from some social awkwardness and now that I’ve used it, I think I’m hooked. I can totally see me getting my Christmas cards and invitations from thse guys ;^)

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