Cloth Diapering: Dipping My Toes In The Pool

Well, this isn’t exactly how I expected my first cloth diapering entry to go, but there’s no point in narrating my adventures in cloth by starting at step two.

When I packed Baby Frog’s bag for the hospital, I wavered back and forth as to whether I wanted to take any of my cloth diapers to the hospital with me. Firstly, I didn’t want to be laundering diapers while I was in the hospital….as it turned out, that probably would not have been possible anyway. And really….I didn’t want those early, tar-ish poops to leave any permanent marks. More importantly than anything else, though, I didn’t want to wind up with the hospital staff having to take her off for some reason or other only to have her come back in a disposable diaper with no sign of my cloth or diaper cover.

As it turns out this was a well founded concern. At one point – in the middle of the day, when I expected there would be absolutely no reason in the world for anyone to have to collect her – we wrapped Baby Frog in a blanket that had belonged to Monkey when she was an infant. Sure enough, they did come in to collect her – I think this was when they did her hearing test – and when she came back the blanket was gone. Took them an hour to track it down.

A friend of mine had given me a package of Huggies Pure and Natural disposables several months ago and I had gotten some Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive from someone at work when they had my baby shower. Even though I knew the hospital would of course provide diapers, when I went in to have The Monkey, they were still only offering the disposables with that crap plastic cover and I didn’t want to deal with those at all :-p So, I included a few of each of the disposables I had at home…..and I brought one of my Thirsties, an insert, and 2 flats….I was thinking for the trip home, but….again, plans change. As it turned out, the hospital was using the same Pampers I’d brought with me so that’s pretty much what I stuck with.

Once we got home, things were pretty hectic to begin with…..and I was till waiting for an order of flats and inserts to arrive…..and I really wasn’t feeling very adventurous. So we used up the Pampers we brought home from the hospital with us and the pack that I had at home….interspersed with the Huggies….which I decided that I liked better. The Pampers seemed kind of stiff, restricting even and the Huggies had a little more give.

I had coupons for some Huggies diapers and wipes that I probably would have tossed as soon as I got them if they weren’t such a huge deal. So when DH and The Monkey went out for supplies one day, I had them grab both of those but told them to get the diapers in the next size up because I knew pretty much all along that even with cloth diapering, there will be times when I need disposables: I can’t ask my 70 year old parents to go back to cloth diapering at this point – lol! And….well….not knowing how long it’d be till I would be able to be up and about enough to embark on this journey, I set up a subscription on Amazon for the diapers……not so much because I need regular deliveries, but dude – it’s like $7 cheaper than the box would normally be!! And I can cancel it anytime, change the delivery interval and the sizes and what-have-you……

As it turns out, I’m starting to feel almost normal again and even our waking and sleeping schedule is improving. So yesterday, I prepped everything….it was the second time for the insert and flats that we’d had before I left for the hospital, but I had a bunch more of each that I’d ordered and came after we got home from the hospital…..still have another dozen flats to do!! I ran everything through the Wonder Wash and then hung it all up to dry overnight so that it would be ready to go today.

And we began.

I have to admit. I was expecting our first full day using cloth to be a total smegging mess. Really. I expected leaks and mustard colored poop all over us and the floor and the couch and just a total yuck-fest all day long. But it was beautiful!! We actually had more leaks with the disposables…. I still need to get the hang of loading the diapers into the covers…and we only have two Thirsties that are small enough to work with this little 6.5lb. peanut, so I was kind of alternating between them all day…..yeah, we were expecting her to be a little bigger :^)

Anyway, I’m happy. As I mentioned before, I had ordered several different brands of diapers in what I thought would be good starting sizes given the usual newborn size in my family and the guesstimates we were getting from our ultrasounds. Most of them will be fine soon enough except for the Kushies AIOs. I mean, I don’t mind holding on to things and waiting for her to grow into them…..but I think it’ll be a really long time with these. So I returned them to Amazon in exchange for a GroVia AIO and a Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper

But, until we get a little more used to the process – and get a few more SMALL diapers so I can have a few ready to go, we’ll be using the Huggies at night. It’s only working out to be two, so far…one at “bed time” and one for her “midnight snack” change. But I don’t want that to be dragged out.

I can say with absolute certainty that I am blown away by the number of diapers this little girl has gone through already. Not only with my purse in mind, either….the number of disposables heading to the landfill so far – “biodegradable” though they may be – is enough to give anyone pause. And really…..when I wrap up these diapers, they’re the size of a lemon. Not big. But somewhere in Jersey, there’s a mountain of lemon sized diapers baking in this heat wave 😛

Look, I’d already decided to cloth diaper. I’d already bought what I thought was a good starting stash. But, I wound up with a good reason to use disposables for a short time.

So I get it.

Stuff happens.

But really, if you’ve never even thought about the sheer number of disposable diapers heading out to decay for years on end on the edge of a nature preserve just outside an historical landmark………think about it.

Besides, cloth diapers are the height of fashion 😉


(Please excuse any weird bits of coding for a short while….I am finishing this entry from my phone and will fix anything that needs it when I get to my computer in the morning 😉

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  1. Hi! Following from toddle along tuesday! It really is tough when they are little! My son was 10lbs9oz and still took a little bit to fit into the one size diapers I had for him. I LOVE a cloth bum though! They are so cute and I feel much better that I’m not putting 60-70 diapers a week in a landfill. We use them now and then, like when I forget to do the diaper wash, but I keep him in cloth as often as I can.

  2. Hi! New follower from

    We totally go between cloth diapers and disposables, but we’re about 90% cloth at this point. We didn’t start J in his cloth until he was done with his meconium poops, either.

    Otherwise, we used newborn fitted diapers which I thought were fantastic! We secured them with a “snappi” and used a Thirstie cover. I totally agree that we had (and have!) way more leaks with disposables.

    When we use disposables, we use “Nature Babycare” diapers and feel that these are the healthiest for him and the environment as we can get. At this point, we do a couple disposables a week.

  3. Congratulations on starting your cloth diapering adventure! That really stinks that they almost lost your blanket (though I’m glad they found it!). I lucked out, anything in her bassinet, they brought back to me.

    (visting from tat)

  4. Hey I’m a new follower from TAT! I love your blog header and how you have words scrolling across the top.

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