Breastfeeding in the City

I go back to work on Thursday.

The day after tomorrow.

A while back, I bought this Breast Milk Storage Kit from Playtex which I love and works out beautifully with my awesome little Playtex breast pump. The plan was to use this kit with the pump to make for easy thawing and feeding while I’m in work…..we realized that it’s kind of impractical to expect to build up a stash as I go unless I keep buying these kits so that we have rings and lids for storage. Meh.

So, I said we’ll use up all the milk I have stored with this kit and fee up all the toppers so that I have extras to bring back and forth to work with me and just get regular old breast milk storage bags to keep the home supply.

Last night, I took Monkey over to Cross Country practice and thought since there’s a CVS right across the street, I’d just run in there grab a 25 count pack for now, until I set up my subscription with Amazon……also, used my last Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid teabag so I figured CVS carries vitamins and all that junk, they’re bound to have some Traditional Medicinals tea………right?


From the near edge of this photo to the far end is all formula and bottle feeding supplies. Closest, on the bottom shelf are the breastfeeding supplies I was looking for….all 5 or 6 of them that I actually missed the first time past. The box of breastmilk storage bags I was looking for was $3 more than it is at Babies’R’Us and almost $5 more than it is on Amazon.

They had no other brands.

They also had noMother’s Milk – or any other Traditional Medicinals, for that matter! – to tide me over till I can order more Earth Mama Angel Baby tea.

Same story at the two RiteAid stores I stopped at on my way home.

I’m sad.

And not just because I spent an insane about of time running in and out of stores looking for this stuff with a newborn in a sling. But because apparently Northeast Philly is not aware of breastfeeding. This is kind of surprising to me because all the new mommies at work breastfeed (I work at a hospital in Northeast Philly), all my FB friends that live around here that have had babies recently…..everyone is breastfeeding…….at least enough of them to get me believing that it was catching on enough so that pharmacies would have a better stock of breastfeeding supplies.

I guess I had better stick to ordering my stuff online….going to the store is such a downer :-

On the plus side….since I (well….BabyFrog…) was having company tonight, DH took Monkey to cross country practice tonight. Look what he came home with:


Yeah, he pretty much rocks. I’d like to see David Beckham in the check-out line at Target with those.

Eat your heart out, Posh 😉

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