The First Fair

BabyFrog and DH out on the deck at our mountain house :^)

BabyFrog’s first trip to the West End Fair in Effort, PA….she wasn’t overly thrilled to begin with – lol :^)
DH and Mtn. Pop trying to wake her up once we got into the fairgrounds….
Too much sun!!
BabyFrog sitting with me, waiting for lunch while I try to keep my hair out of my face and wait for mine……..effin’ huuuuuge sausage sandwich with peppers, onions and sauce from the volunteer fire company ;^)
Monkey FINALLY let me get a picture of her!! Here she is with DH and BabyFrog :^)
Me wearing BabyFrog and still trying to keep my hair out of my face – quite possibly my most favorite pic of me in a long time :^)
Monkey, DH, BabyFrog and Mtn. Pop in the wabbit house at the fair….
Monkey, no doubt wondering what cruel twist of fate gave her such an immense love of horses and a mother that’s severely – like, get me to the ER! – allergic to them…..
Monkey and a big draft horse named Jack :^)
DH and BabyFrog watching Jack…..who seemed to be watching BabyFrog……
My two girls 🙂
We cannot leave the fair without spinning the rat!
Oscar the Rat
Monkey with the prize cow she won spinning the rat :^)
BabyFrog heading home after a looooong day of new sights and sounds :^)

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