Adventures in Pumping

Okay… apparently I have a plugged duct. Yeah, it sucks as much as everyone says šŸ˜›

It doesn’t really surprise me….I started back to work last Thursday and have been pumping every day, twice a day….even been bringing home a little more every day but with not being able to just nurse on demand…..

After my first pumping break on Thursday, I noticed that even though I was able to get a good bit of milk from my right breast, it still felt a little tender when I was done….it didn’t get any better and when I woke up on Friday morning it was pretty painful. I fed BabyFrog, put her back to bed and pumped off the rest as I had been doing all week….but there was still a nice wedge that wouldn’t budge :-

So, when I got to work……I improvised.


Hot Wax Boobie Hands

Filled up two gloves with some gauze and melted paraffin and stuffed them in my bra!

The wedge shifts and settles and sometimes seems to drain but then comes back again….so I’m applying heat, massaging, “dangle” feeding and pumping to try to shake the clog loose, but no luck yet šŸ˜¦

Does anyone have any kick-ass sure fire ways to clear this up quickly? I’m willing to try anything right now!

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