The Flats Challenge – Day 1…..sort of…..

Yes, I know today was supposed to be the first day…okay… I cheated….a little. I started using my flats yesterday.

But I have a good reason, honest!!

See, when we’re home, if Amelia is wearing a diaper, it’s usually a Thirsties cover and a prefold – simple, efficient, painless and they get the job done…..and seriously – how cute are Thirsties covers??? And…..yeah, if….I have been known to let her wander around au natural ;^) So anyway, my original thought was to use a nice relaxing day at home to get a feel for the flats, since…..I bought them, and….pretty much decided that prefolds were more my speed.

My nice relaxing day turned into getting everyone packed up and out of the house at 6:45 so we could get to church in time for the 7:30 Mass; Brittany was serving. Really, would it be wrong for me to ask them to not schedule her for the early Mass for at least the next two years??? From there, we stopped to visit Grandmom and Grandpop….and by now I’m checking Amelia’s diaper every five seconds because I’m paranoid….I swear, when I tried the flats before it seemed like…..remember those feminine protection commercials with the blue liquid that just seemed to spread like crazy through any absorbent material? It seemed like every 20 minutes, I was changing a sopping wet flat diaper – and whatever outfit she was wearing – and wondering if Amelia just had a constant leak!! But, things went well and by the time we left my parents house, Amelia was still dry….we made a quick trip to Wal-mart – still dry…..but then in the 10 minutes it took us to get home from there, she had peed. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly….we hung out, did wash…and yeah, I did wash some of my flats. I’d had some stashed in a cabinet, only keeping about 5 out near the changing table for emergencies…..but, I figured that was prep anyway and I deliberately did not include the used flats from yesterday when doing the wash.

Now, it’s usually our habit – a bad one that I’ve just been letting slide – to use disposables at night and when we go out, so this was already a day full of adventure when at bedtime, I put Amelia to bed in a flat and cover :^)


She slept well and when she did stir, it was a quick change and she didn’t seem to wake as much as she usually does when we change a disposable during the night…..that may have been a fluke, so we’ll see over the next few days!

Okay, yes, I did say I had a good reason for starting the challenge yesterday and it wasn’t just to get a feel for folding. There are actually two, but……Amelia is going to be baptized on the 27th….I kinda figured if this turns out to be a completely horrid week, I will have done my time by then a be able to, in good faith, use a disposable to at least spare the dress…..and the godmother – lol! But that’s a week away and so far so good!!

The real reason…..when Amelia woke up today, I dressed her….

……shared a waffle with her…..

…..nursed her….

………and then I put a disposable diaper on her just before we left our apartment.

Amelia goes to a daycare that will only use disposable diapers.

I had thought about taking her to the daycare in a flat and cover, but if she wet or soiled it on the way there it’d be a long time before I could do anything with it. One thing I didn’t think of, was bringing one with me for the way home….and I wound up having to stop at the pharmacy and grocery store on the way home… was only an extra half hour, but still……and yeah, I cried a little when I took off the clean and dry disposable diaper and threw it out, but the squishy bottom makes up for it ;^)

I know, you’re still waiting for my good reason, right…..? Okay, well here it is…..yeah, I work from 7:30 to 3:30 every day so Amelia is at the daycare from around 7:20 till 3:45-ish….and usually has her BMs while she’s there. Not that I miss out completely….it’s just that she usually goes around mid-morning. So, I thought by testing things out yesterday, I’d actually get a BM to deal with for the ol’ flats and handwashing challenge…..but nope. Not a single turd.

But take heart.

After 3 weeks of cold-like symptoms and me insisting that she has a sinus infection….today, Amelia’s doctor finally agreed with me….and called in an antibiotic. 10 days worth of Amox. So I’m sure that even in the evening, I’ll get my fair share of poopy diapers!!


So much for saving the dress.

LOL :^)

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