The Flats Challenge – Day 6

Okay, so I freely admit that I’ve been slacking in the whole blogging thing when it comes to the flats challenge, but dude……I’m handwashing all my diapers and getting ready for Amelia’s baptism and a party for like 50 people tomorrow – cut me some slack!! Actually, as of right now everything is pretty much under control as evidenced by the fact that I’m sitting at my computer typing and not running around like a psycho……

Wednesday night, I paid for the party room – our complex has two rooms that they rent out to residents for parties for a nominal fee…..and each room has a full kitchen which makes party prep very nice. Thursday night, I got the certificates of eligibility from Amelia’s godparents and delivered them to the rectory so there would be no last minute problems when they weren’t in her file come tomorrow.

Last night….well, afternoon-ish into last night…..I ducked out of work an hour early, picked Bill up and we went right to BJ’s. I didn’t want to go there today and risk getting over-run by the “spending the holiday weekend at home and just having a few people over for a cook-out” crowd and fortunately, we got there early enough yesterday to beat the “heading down the shore so we need some cases of soda, chips and jerky beef” crowd.

So now my fridge and freezer look like I’m preparing to feed a small army and I’m actually really not making that much…..just (frozen) meatballs, hot dogs and sauerkraut and hot turkey for sandwiches – each with a crock pot specially designated for it and standing ready by my front door to be taken down to the party room as soon as we get the key. I’m also making baked rotini with “homemade” sausage sauce….I’ll worry about that after we get home from one more quick store run… which I run to the dollar store for some serving utensils and the deli to pick up the sliced turkey……and hope that the six 12 packs of soda in my trunk don’t explode or crush the chips – I usually park right outside the door where the party room is, so we just left all that junk in the car to save extra trips up and down ;^)

Yes, yes….enough about the party prep, right?

Well, the flats challenge is coming along just peachy keen…..though this morning, I would have loved to toss everything on my drying rack into the cheap dryer – it was a muggy night last night :-p No biggie though, the Thirsties were dry and I still had like 15 clean and dry flats.

I thought earlier in the week that I wouldn’t have to deal with any poopy diapers because of the whole daycare thing (Amelia usually only poos while she’s at the daycare) proved unfounded….Amelia had a normal – if somewhat late in the day – BM on Thursday evening…..I took it in to our bathroom and shook it out to find that there was actually not much residue on the diaper, so I used barely a spit of detergent on it and gave it a quick scrub in our bathroom sink. I rang it out and opened it up completely before draping it over the top of my Wonderwasher until I was ready to do a wash.

Yesterday, though……yikes!! Amelia’s antibiotic must have kicked in….pretty scary – but well contained! – poo-splosion. I’ve said before that cloth works better for messy poops than disposables….the weave of the cloth seems to keep things… place….? while the smoother surface of the disposables lets it just smoosh everywhere – lol! So there was no “shake it out” with that one…..more like swoosh it out….then I put it to soak in our bathroom sink while I ran a load of diapers and covers through the Wonderwasher (you can read about that whole process here) and then gave it a good scrub with lots of rinses before hanging that one over the Wonderwasher, like I did with the other.

I haven’t really discovered any new folds or anything this week, mainly because I haven’t had time to play with it much…..but this morning, I’m taking advantage of Amelia’s morning nap – obviously – and catching up on a few things…..I think when she wakes up, though, I want to try this Jo Fold that Kim posted over at Dirty Diaper Laundry……

It looks like just what I might need to continue the challenge tomorrow, even throughout the baptism and party, because I can prep a few diapers ahead of time and they won’t go all wonky in the diaper bag ;^)

On a more self-conscious note, if you follow me on Twitter, you may remember that in late March I shaved my head to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s organization….why I didn’t blog about it, I don’t know…..but anyway, my hair is growing back pretty quickly….and my grey’s are pretty noticeable because it’s been too short to color….so last weekend, I decided that since I’ve never been blonde, I’d give it a shot……

Mirror Universe

By Wednesday, I had decided that I hate it… while Amelia slept – dude, this is a good nap!! – I fixed it……and in the words of the late, great Amy Winehouse……I’ve gone back to black ;^)

Back to Black

Happy Saturday, everyone – keep us in your prayers tomorrow!!

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