Well, blogging the Flats and Handwashing Challenge kind of got away from me so I figured I should write something up so there was a little bit of closure to the whole thing………

First of all, I did actually finish the challenge and it was rough sometimes…..not the whole fact of folding and handwashing so much as just the diapering. Amelia has been battling some weird respiratory thing for way longer than I would like and at the beginning of the challenge – ya know, like Day One – she started taking an antibiotic. You know how antibiotics can be so I really expected a lot of tummy trouble and a lot of muddy diapers but that actually turned out to not be the case…..but because she wasn’t really interested in eating much, there were a ton of wet diapers all through the day and night…..on more than one occasion, at 2:30 in the morning I wanted to just throw in the towel (or flat!) and put a disposable on Amelia just so I could be done with it and go back to sleep.

I knew that feeling would pop up, though….I usually keep a short stack of disposables under my night table and for the challenge I deliberately made sure all the disposable diapers were out in the den, on the changing table… in the middle of the night, if I wanted to use a disposable diaper I would have had to walk aaaaalllllllll the way to the other end of our apartment to get it. I sure would have been wide awake by the time I got back.

So instead of the disposables under my night table, I kept a stack of the receiving blankets I was using as flats for nighttime already folded and ready to just pop into the cover.

If you’ve read my first entry about the challenge, you may remember that I was concerned – and even started the challenge a day early – because Amelia was getting baptized on the last day of the challenge. Again, something I needn’t have worried about…..I used the white Thirsties cover that I actually bought for the express purpose of using on Amelia’s Christening day because no one makes plain white disposable diapers anymore…..I figured if she wound up with a dress that didn’t have a pair of bloomers, I could just use the white Thirsties cover over a disposable. But I didn’t even bother. We’d had such a good week using the flats and I came to understand the awesome power of the birdseye weave when it came to containment that I didn’t even bat an eye when we put on her beautiful dress :^)


After the ceremony, we had a little party and after Amelia made the rounds in her dress, I took it off her and let her visit with all of our friends and family wearing nothing but her diaper – it was Memorial Day weekend and pretty humid and gross here in Philly. I received more than one comment about the diaper!! Younger guests were surprised at how comfortable Amelia seemed and loved the squishy bottom and older guests were astounded that I use cloth diapers and remarked how much easier this particular cover seemed when compared to what they used to use. Amelia and her diaper were a big hit on her big day!!


We spent Memorial Day just taking it easy – I was glad to have the day off after the event without having to use my time ;^) Amelia was still a little congested so I decided to take her in and give her a bath before nap time to help loosen up some of the ick…..when I took off her onesie……I thought she had prickly heat……..

…….so, after her bath, I let her air dry and kept her cool in some loose fitting clothing and I was still in flats and covers mode anyway……..

That night, Amelia woke up for some noms…..after she nursed, she had such a violent coughing fit that she brought it all back up 😦 I’d officially had enough of this back and forth that I’d been doing with this cough and packed her up to take her over to the ER. They assumed I was there for what was obviously now NOT prickly heat but instead some sort of rash and seemed more concerned about that than her cough. She’d been on the antibiotic for a full week….after 2 days, she’d seemed markedly improved but then by day 4, she’d started to get congested and snotty again. I figured that we’d finish out the antibiotic – which still had 2 days to go – and then go from there.

The rash was from the antibiotic. Oh, yay.


They were slightly more concerned about the cough once I emphasized REPEATEDLY how long it had been going on and they did a chest x-ray and a throat culture, both of which were negative…..which is good, but still left me with no answer as to what to do for her.

We got home from the ER at 5:30 on Tuesday morning and, after waking Brittany up for school, went straight back to bed. We followed up with Amelia’s doctor later that afternoon….the ER had told me to give Amelia benadryl for her rash but her regular doc felt she needed a bigger dose than they recommended because of her weight……I dunno, I thought the ER would have taken that into account, too, but whatever. It helped a bit as she didn’t seem to be as itchy and by Wednesday afternoon, her trunk look more like she’d had a bad sunburn than anything else…..but it still took almost till the weekend for all of her splotchiness to disappear.


She was in good spirits, but in the meantime, I couldn’t send her to the daycare and she was waaaaaaaaay too cranky to hang out with Dada so I was home Tuesday and Wednesday…..after not sleeping very much Wednesday night, I packed Amelia up and went in to work at around 4:30 Thursday morning……she slept on my back while I cleared up some of the things that had been piling up on my desk while I was gone :^)


Now, much as I resented having to give Amelia benadryl in the first place, I couldn’t deny that it had seemed to help her cold symptoms and give her some relief – I hoped that it would give her respiratory system a chance to recover, rather than just producing mass quantities of mucous!!

So, post challenge week was a long week….I did get back to using disposables for the trips to doctors and other running around….and I did start out the nights with a flat and cover, but if Amelia woke up I put a disposable diaper on her. But then……I ran out. Yup, in all the mess and sickness and other crap…..I just didn’t notice how low we were running and then they were gone. I didn’t panic or anything, I had tons of cloth to last until I felt like going to the store……

Friday, Amelia went back to the daycare….and I explained to them that I was out of disposables so she was in a cloth diaper. I brought in an extra plastic bag and asked them to just put the whole diaper set-up in the bag and I would deal with it once I got home. I said I’d get more disposables over the weekend…..but then I got sick and didn’t feel like doing anything. So we used cloth all day and all night….Saturday………Sunday………….I felt like crap and was most definitely not going to the store, it wasn’t worth sending anyone else so on Monday morning, I brought Amelia to the daycare again in a cloth diaper…..

Now I’m being stubborn……I know at some point – probably soon! – I’m going to have to go buy new disposable diapers for the daycare…..I want to see if I can go that long without having them in the house.


Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to leave the house, I noticed Amelia….ummm…making a movement. Let me tell ya… smelled like a sewage plant! I was SO happy she was in a cloth diaper because seriously, this one would have blown out ANY disposable diaper and made a disaster of her new dress!! I changed her into a new flat and cover and when we got to the daycare, I told them about it…..her teacher went “Ohhhhh, yeah I. and E. were out for the last two days with a stomach bug….” Hey, thanks for letting me know!! Amelia is already not up to par from everything that’s been going on with her for the past MONTH and now this?!?!? I dropped her off at 8 yesterday morning and during the course of the day, Amelia blew out 3 disposable diapers – and messed up as many outfits! – before I picked her up at 2:30. Last night – back in cloth – she had 3 more loose bowel movements….she wore the same outfit all night because birdseye weave is amazing and can contain ANY mess ;^)

So Amelia is on rice, crackers and Gatorade and I am converted. I had bought flats very early on with Amelia but found that I preferred prefolds for fit and absorbency……now, maybe because Amelia is bigger, I dunno…..I am in love with my flats again!! And after the last two days, like I said above, I understand the true power of these tough little things – they contained everything and washed up like there was nothing ever there. Flats are amazing…..handwashing…..meh…..I have been using my wonderwasher but again with sickness and everything, I’ve really just been using it for pre-wash and then throwing everything into the washer down the hall every couple of days.

Now…there’s still a folded stack of receiving blankets under my bed table every night…if I could just get the daycare to agree to using them we’ll be in great shape!! LOL – yeah…..never happen :-

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