Another New Beginning


Well, I had hoped to have the rest of my posts imported to the new host before writing anything new, but the importer is being an ass so I’m just going to go ahead and get started.

I’m not making any resolutions this year for a couple of reasons. Number one: I’m just not feeling it. Number two: I did last year and not a damn one got done….mind you, they were kind of frivolous like “use up every bit of yarn in the next year before buying anything new”. I barely used half a skein…..but, I didn’t buy any new yarn, either. I just forgot how busy a pre-toddler/toddler can be and how much I like to sleep….so when it came to free time for resolutions and such, sleep won every time 🙂

So no resolutions. But I do have some lifestyle changes and new habits that I want to integrate. Am I going to sit here and rattle off a whole list? No. Because my hope is that as I integrate one change or habit, another will fall into place.

But to begin:

January will see me getting back to drinking more water. I had been drinking water like crazy right up until Amelia hit 12 months and I stopped pumping at work – that pump can really make you feel dehydrated! I think, just while I was in work, I drank about 48oz of water to say nothing of what I drank at home. We’re still nursing at 17 months, but yeah I’m lacking on my water. I’ve also gotten into drinking more soda than I have in recent years – I blame Bottom Dollar’s orange pineapple soda, it’s soooooo yum!! It’s not a TON but it’s too much for me I think. So increase water, decrease soda.

Continue liberating the unloved and unused THINGS from our home. In early December, we emptied a storage unit that I hadn’t been in in a year and a half and was costing me $120/month! I brought very little of what was in there home again, instead taking things directly to a local mission thrift shop. Since then, every time something crosses my hands that I just don’t need or want anymore, it goes right into a bag for the mission – since it’s right near my work, it’s no big deal for me to drop things there once a week.

I am also determined to remember this year that my oldest child my be as tall as me, but she is only 12 years old. I’ve come to the conclusion that we expect much more of her than was expected of me when I was 12. She is a great kid, an excellent student and an amazing artist. This year, I’m going to enjoy that more and worry less about her forgetting to unload the dishwasher and I’m starting that today.

Finally, I hope to incorporate at least one personal “crunchy” habit each month this year – yeah, like to do with my personal being, personal space and hygiene. For some time now, certain products have worried me with regard to what they actually DO to my body. I’ll get into this a little more with each habit, but for January I’m going “no ‘poo”….well, I’m using a shampoo alternative. I tried it for the first time today but I want to at least give it a few days before I say anything about it.

So those are my intentions for January. I’d like to say I’m going to write everyday, too, but I’m supposed to be starting classes again in a few days so we’ll have to see how that goes. “World Religions”……that could be coming into play here soon 😉

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful new year – God bless you all!! Anyone care to share your hopes, goals, intentions or resolutions for 2013?

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